What some of our clients are saying..

In their own words:

” 9/28/2013 CrossFit SW Portland is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done. There are not enough words to describe how much I love it here, the coaches are great, and I love the community in this affiliation. When I had first joined back in February I had no idea what to expect, except a butt kicking, but that’s a given when you want a good workout. I highly recommend this gym and the programmings isn’t that complex where you can’t do it, which is great about CFSWP, the coaches help you one on one to do what you can, and yet it’s still a challenge. It’s great for all levels and ages, I’ve never loved something as much as this until I tried out CrossFit and ever since I’ve never really stopped going. Granted that this is the first box I’ve ever tried out, it’s still worthwhile and there are many great opportunities to be accomplished. With CrossFit you never get bored, because there are so many things to work on and setting PR’s (Personal Records). Cecilia

“5/14/2013 I don’t have any before and after photos to share with you. I really wish I had thought of taking some when I started CrossFit, to document my progress from office lump to somebody who didn’t flinch looking at the words “100 burpee pull-ups” yesterday (although, the number of times the words “400m run” were written on the board made me a little queasy. That’s another story). I do know that last May 13th I couldn’t run 1 minute without stopping. In July, when I finally got around to writing stuff down, one of my first PR’s was a deadlift – 3 reps of 105 pounds. I made a note that it was a huge improvement because in June my deadlift maxed out at 93 pounds. I recently PR’d my deadlift at 173 lbs (it wasn’t the prettiest, but I did it). That weight is pretty kickass for me. High five! I do have a measurement I kept track of from the very beginning and can compare to where I am now:Weight May 2012: 135. Weight May 2013: 105.
Read more of Tanya’s story here!
http://swpdx.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/looking-back-at-a-year-of-crossfit-why-i-started-and-why-im-sticking-around/ Tanya S.”

10/18/2012 Great instruction, workouts and RESULTS!Aaron D

‘4/2/2012 I am a 57 year old woman who had always been reluctant to participate in fitness activities requiring weight lifting. After a recommendation from my son I decided to give CrossFit a try. I started out at CrossFit SW two months ago. I enjoy going there so much that I plan my week around it. The routine is varied and the hour that I work out seems to fly by. My balance and flexibility has improved dramatically. I am urging friends and family to join me. I hold the coaches and the athletes at the gym in the highest regard. It is so easy to be along side younger and more capable people and to just focus on my steady improvement. The environment is great. The people are positive. The coaches and owners are stellar people. Give it a try. It makes you feel happy!Jill C.

3/5/2012 I never thought I was capable of loving another Crossfit; Albany Crossfit is basically my home, and I love it.That being said, I also love Crossfit SW Portland.I’ve been to other Crossfits in Portland, and I was less-than-thrilled. As in…have a tool of a coach, jerks for members, and a space that sucks and is always crowded.I do know that Crossfit SW Portland did have humble beginnings, and for a few years, members WODed in a single-car garage. (Talk about devotion!) When I was introduced to these badasses, they had recently moved into a new warehouse space in Goose Hollow, and were essentially trying to figure out how they would fill it out.Because, in reality, they were still small.I was WODing in classes having between two and four additional athletes, giving us LOTS of one-on-one attention with Coach Steve.I’ve learned that each Crossfit has its own “vibe,” and my impression was that Crossfit SW Portland is a little more laid back than Albany. Workouts were timed, but you really only compete against yourself, going as fast or as leisurely as you’d like, with absolutely no pressure from anyone.Coming here, I felt like I was getting back to my Crossfit roots. They hadn’t yet become a huge gym, with classes filled to the max, and I liked it. It was different, and intimate, and I imagine this is what Crossfit is all about to begin with.Even though this particular Crossfit isn’t super convenient for me to get to when I’m in Portland, I imagine it’s the only one I’ll be going to when I’m in town. Unfortunately, not all Crossfits are made the same, but Crossfit SW Portland is one where you will find quality workouts and quality people.DK

7/19/2012 I was traveling in from another box and the guys from Crossfit SW Portland were wonderful hosts. Thanks Steve for making my stay in Portland seemless in terms of my workouts and for giving me tips on my form. The members were great and it seems like you are building a wonderful community. Keep up the good work! Doreen

3/29/2012 It seems impossible that one could attain the best fitness level of their life after having 2 babies and crossing over into their 40’s. But it’s possible!! The results I’ve had with CrossFit are unlike any I’ve ever experienced, and they’re exciting! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, my clothes fit better, and I look better than ever too. The workouts are different every day, they are fun and intense. The intimidation I initially felt melted away immediately after I started. The coaches are great, attentive, and they get to know everyone’s particular physical issues and customize accordingly. The atmosphere is one of encouragement and enthusiasm. This is a fantastic place. Maria S
I love it!!!

3/29/2012 If you’re interested in getting in the best shape of your life, this is the place for you. The coaches are supportive, the workouts are super fun and the results are amazing. This is a very friendly spot where everyone is welcome. My favorite part of CrossFit is meeting incredibly cool and nice people who are positive and never fail to cheer others on!! I’ve been working out at CFSWP almost a year and it has changed my life. It’s really such a great place with outstanding people! Susan W

12/11/2011 What can I say? CrossFit has changed me in more ways than I could have imagined in less than a year. Coach Steve is excellent and the community is embracing of athletes of all abilities and ages. Want to transform yourself and become amazed at what you can accomplish? This is the place to go. Robert H.”

6/21/2011 Great place, great people, great work-out everytime. First place that I have joined and stayed committed to with real results. Steph


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