Getting Started


Exciting…..Challenge …

Awaits you. Be Apart of it all!

Call for your FREE. one-on-one Introduction to CrossFit and CFSWP.

If you want to be…. Challenged…like never before!

You will get leaner….faster….stronger..

RSVP NOW at or 503-810-4722

Step 1. .Contact CFSWP to set up your free one-on-one Intro Session. Get to know more about CFSWP, while we get to know more about you and do a sample workout.

Step 2. Join our 6 week Getting Started Program or CrossFit 101 classes. You may test out after 2-6 weeks or continue to go as long as you need to. OR schedule 3 personal training sessions before going to step 3.

Step 3. Join one on many  CrossFit group classes, Any of our 201 classes, Olympic Lifting, Open gym, Team workout and more.

Introductory Class
Are you new to CrossFit? Come try a FREE class. Running about 45-60 minutes, this class will include a warm-up and a short, typical CrossFit workout that is scaled to your skill level.
RSVP at or call 503-810-4722.


Getting Started Program
If you are new to CrossFit, we recommend beginning your journey with our 6 week program, this program will build your core and increase your stamina, we look at nutrition and have homework for you to do as well when you are not onsite. This program is 3x a week for 6 weeks. Then continue in our CrossFit 101 program after 1 or 2 6 week programs

CF 101 is designed to safely introduce athletes to CrossFit. These classes are offered in small groups throughout the course of a month. You can see available times here []. In addition to the skill work classes during the week.

The focus with be on technique and mechanics, which will help ease you into increasing strength, stamina and flexibility. It is important that you are here for each of the  core sessions as these movements build on one another. The difficulty of these workouts is based on your level of intensity. We want to introduce you to CrossFit safely and effectively.

To register for Getting Started, register online or send an email or call Shannon at (503)810-4722.

Jump Right In Program
New members often come to us from other activities: bootcamps, running, yoga or strength training, where they develop some athletic ability and endurance for exercise. If you’ve never tried CrossFit but you are physically active, then this might be a good fit for you. During your Introductory Class, one of our trainers will talk with you about your goals and help you decide if Jump Right In is right for you.

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