A current member sent me this email today, I was so touched by it. If you are thinking about trying it here this should inspire you to give it a try. Thanks Kate!

One could say I have always been a bit of a late bloomer. I didn’t attend graduate school until I was 34, didn’t have a baby until I was 37, and didn’t begin  until I turned 39. Shannon, one of the coaches, invited me to try a class in June of 2012. I decided against it convincing myself that I could get my pre-baby body back all on my own. I spent the next year trying to do the same cardio exercises that had always worked for me before but failed to make much progress. Sick and tired of holding onto the last ten pounds of pregnancy weight and fearful that a future pregnancy could double what was already there I took the plunge.

It was July 11th, 2013. Never before has a start date meant more to me. I began with the getting started program two days a week. All of those fears were gone the moment I met Coach Shannon and Steve. They are skilled at scaling the workouts to meet each individual at their current level of fitness and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming to all levels of athleticism. They are talented and brings new meaning to the word “coach”. I feel so comfortable in this gym, maybe because it doesn’t feel like his gym but rather our gym. In the past I would dread going to the gym but dredge through it. Now I look forward to class and feel great after.

I am a school teacher, a wife, and a mother. I need a exercise program that has flexible hours and delivers the most bang for your buck. As many other busy working professionals when I have an opportunity to do something new that may make me happy I have to decide if it’s worth giving up something I currently enjoy doing. After all, there are only so many hours in the day.

In the past four months I have seen changes in me that go way beyond physical. I am happier, healthier, stronger, and yes…skinnier! I have been committed to an average of three days per week and often walk my son and garden keeping as active as possible. I have lost 15 pounds and two pant sizes. My body has changed in ways I never dreamed it would, not only am I smaller but toned where there was no muscle before. Today as I write this blog I am proud of myself. Not only because I am officially sporting my pre-baby size 8 skinny jeans, but because I chose to not let fear rule me and take my fate into my own hands and because of it I am not shying away from the camera or the scale. For the first time in my life skinny is not the end goal but rather an added perk that comes along with being strong and fit.

Kate Wilebski

photo9/28/2013 By Cecilia: This is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done. There are not enough words to describe how much I love it here, the coaches are great, and I love the community in this affiliation. When I had first joined back in February I had no idea what to expect, except a butt kicking, but that’s a given when you want a good workout. I highly recommend this gym and the programmings isn’t that complex where you can’t do it, which is great about it, the coaches help you one on one to do what you can, and yet it’s still a challenge. It’s great for all levels and ages, I’ve never loved something as much as this until I tried it and ever since i’ve never really stopped going. Granted that this is the first box I’ve ever tried out, it’s still worthwhile and there are many great opportunities to be accomplished. You never get bored, because there are so many things to work on and setting PR’s (Personal Records).

DSCN1876 May 14, 2013 I don’t have any before and after photos to share with you. I really wish I had thought of taking some when I started  to document my progress from office lump to somebody who didn’t flinch looking at the words “burpee pull-ups” yesterday (although, the number of times the words “400m run” were written on the board made me a little queasy. That’s another story). I do know that last May 13th I couldn’t run 1 minute without stopping. I am doing weight is pretty kickass for me. High five!

I do have a measurement I kept track of from the very beginning and can compare to where I am now:
Weight May 2012: 135.
Weight May 2013: 105.


img_3831Testimonial by Jill Callicotte on 2/20/2013 I have been coming to here for one year now. I came in hoping that I could work out enough to maintain my strength and coordination at the young age of 57. I was afraid to start because I had not done any formal exercising during my 30 years at work. After retirement, I started out at age 55, in another gym and began taking baby steps toward better flexibility, balance, and nutrition. By the time I gathered the courage to walk in and do the work, now I can balance on one foot, do a knee push up, sustain aerobic activity for a short duration, and walk for miles.

I got over worrying about what everyone else could do quickly. It was apparent that there were people at all skill levels. Everyone worked hard and just tried to improve. People do not judge you. They encourage you. One day it occurred to me that the goal of maintaining strength might not be lofty enough. Maybe I would set a goal to lift a little more, run instead of walk, or jump on a six inch box then an 8 one, then who knows? Maybe decide to try a ring pull up. Maybe one day I get one (or three). Maybe I would do a toe push up or ten.( Update: on 9/7 2013 – Jill has over 7 strict pull ups now in a row.

It has been a good year here at SW. Now I am 58. I have new friends. I feel welcomed and supported by the owners, coaches and athletes. I am never bored. When I am there I feel good. I laugh. My mood reminds me of the happy feelings that I felt as a child when I was outside playing. I might not be the fastest. I might not be the most flexible. I might be the oldest, but I am on the playground and it feels great.

There should be something in this note about how my oldest son pointed out the when I waved goodbye from the porch the fat under my arm kept waving long after my hand stopped. That isn’t happening anymore.
Oh yes, and I can stand up straighter than I have ever stood in my life. Oh yes, I can turn my neck with ease. My joints don’t ache nearly as much. It is worth the thirty minute drive to get there.

I also love it here. .I’ve been to other places in Portland, and I was less-than-thrilled. As in…have a tool of a coach, jerks for members, and a space that sucks and is always crowded. I do know that this place in SW Portland did have humble beginnings, and for a few years, members WODed in a single-car garage. (Talk about devotion!) When I was introduced to these badasses, they had recently moved into a new warehouse space in Goose Hollow, and were essentially trying to figure out how they would fill it out.Because, in reality, they were still small. I was WODing in classes having between two and four additional athletes, giving us LOTS of one-on-one attention with Coach Steve.

I’ve learned that each place has its own “vibe,” and my impression was that there is this place in Portland that is my home away from home. Workouts were timed, but you really only compete against yourself, going as fast or as leisurely as you’d like, with absolutely no pressure from anyone.

Even though this particular location isn’t super convenient for me to get to when I’m in Portland, I imagine it’s the only one I’ll be going to when I’m in town. Unfortunately, not all gyms are made the same, but this is one where you will find quality workouts and quality people.

Review: 4/9/2012 by Eric S. I joined in January and it has changed my life. The instructors, Steve (owner) and Troy have worked with me to develop strength and flexibility. I love the team atmosphere and group support. I also started a whole 30 diet and have seen great results. The combination of individual instruction and group work outs is very motivating. I love the fact that each work out is different. Great program, great instructors and great gym! I highly recommend this gym and program to anyone looking to elevate their workouts and achieve your health and fitness goals.You will be amazed at the the results!

5.0 star rating by Susan W. 3/29/2012 If you’re interested in getting in the best shape of your life, this is the place for you. The coaches are supportive, the workouts are super fun and the results are amazing. This is a very friendly spot where everyone is welcome. My favorite part of CrossFit is meeting incredibly cool and nice people who are positive and never fail to cheer others on!! I’ve been working out at CFSWP almost a year and it has changed my life. It’s really such a great place with outstanding people!


Testimonial by Kelly Gordon on 2/27/2012

I remember hearing from Shannon and Steve about the workouts in their garage; several other people from our neighborhood were going there regularly and it sounded interesting. I was afraid of weight lifting though, and of pull ups and push-ups. I was afraid I would hurt myself and have to stop. I expressed this to Steve. He said “Dude, it’s gonna be great.” So I tried it. I found that I loved having different challenges all the time and learning new skills. I loved that there’s a way to start from wherever you are. Yes, pull ups are hard and most people can’t do them at first. But you can use a band that makes it possible for you to do the movement; then you can build up your strength and it starts to seem possible that you could someday do a pull up unassisted. I loved getting to a basic level of fitness that allows you to work out really hard, to sweat hard, breathe hard, feel your muscles coming to life — wow!

My favorite workouts are the metcons, metabolic conditioning where you’re doing some set of work for time. I like that Crossfit sort of blows the lid off the usually expected number of reps. 100 pull ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats – huh? This makes it a lot more interesting and you feel like you accomplished something. So what if you had to break that down into tens (or fives), and it took you awhile. You still did it, you didn’t give up, and that’s what’s important. One of the early workouts I did was a 400 meter walking lunge. I could only do about 10 steps at a time before every muscle in my lower body would scream and I had to stop and breathe. I think it took me more than a half hour to do it what the fitter people did in 10 minutes!

I’ve been doing CF now for a year and I have to say I really love it! I’ve always been a runner, but I’ve never felt strong until now. I have muscles now. I don’t take ibuprofen anymore. I used to end up in physical therapy at least once a year, for neck pain, arm pain, lower back problems, etc. I don’t have those problems anymore. I can even wear heels again and it doesn’t hurt my back! My muscles get sore from working out and sometimes I overdo it and have to ice and rest a part that is protesting. But one of the things I’ve learned from Steve is not to let that discourage me. He always has good suggestions for compensating moves, mobility exercises, and rolling. And my recovery time has definitely improved.

My ten-year-old son has become a lot more interested in working out since I started doing Crossfit. CFSWP is family oriented and many of us have school age kids – it’s a great example for them. My son is learning how good it feels to be strong. He can do push-ups and pull ups and toes-to-bar. CFSWP is great! The coaches know what they’re doing and the athletes are really supportive of each other. There are all different ages and fitness levels and it’s a fun, positive atmosphere.
Thanks CF and thank you Steve!

Testimonial by Stephanie Meldrum
After having my third child I wanted to get back into shape. I took a variety of fitness classes and even paid for a personal trainer to develop a work-out plan tailored for me. In addition, I began running up to 15 miles a week. And although my cardio improved, I was not achieving the fitness level I had hoped for. My body and metabolism were not changing and improving as I had hoped.

When Steve opened up his CrossFit box, my husband, who was friends with Steve, suggested I give it a try as he knew I was becoming increasingly more frustrated with the wall I had seemed to hit with just running and occasional fitness classes. Upon my first class, that was modified for my fitness level, I could see the many components of fitness I had been missing and needed to improve upon.

Initially, everything was modified so that I could slowly learn the proper techniques to avoid injury and improve my fitness level. I started off working out 2-3 days per week with Steve and grew to look forward to the new WOD (work-out of the day) each time I arrived, despite the sore muscles. Eventually, I was able to start working out with other CrossFit members which really pushed me and my performance output. After a couple of months, I added a fourth day and that is when I really noticed the changes. My strength, cardio, and endurance began to increase dramatically. I not only lost weight, but gained lean muscle and lost inches. And although work-outs always prove to be challenging….my fitness improvement is palpable. As I approach the end of my thirties, I can say I am in the best physical condition I have ever been in, thanks to CrossFit SW Portland. – Stephanie Meldrum


Testimonial by Tammy Martin

I was in good aerobic condition and did an excellent kickboxing workout 1-2 times per week, but needed a boost to get to the next fitness level.  When I started working out with Steve, I had no idea what CrossFit entailed.  It sounded like something better suited to younger, more athletic people (not a moderately active woman in her late 40′s).  But, Steve assured me that the program was easily tailored to all abilities and he was right.  I have made so much progress in just 3 months (3 times per week) compared to where I was when I started!  The real eye-opener for me was when I recently skied at Mt. Bachelor for the first time in exactly one year.  I felt so much stronger and didn’t experience the muscle fatigue causing me to wimp out before the end of the day.  For the first time in many years, I skied all day and loved it. – Tammy Martin


Review: 12/1/2011 by Robert Holler What can I say? CrossFit has changed me in more ways than I could have imagined in less than a year. Coach Steve is excellent and the community is embracing of athletes of all abilities and ages. Want to transform yourself and become amazed at what you can accomplish? This is the place to go.


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