You don’t need to be in shape, coordinated, flexible, etc. to get started taking classes with us. You, your grandmother, and your nephew are all perfect candidates to start Crossfit classes today.

It’s your job to walk through the door, it’s ours to pave the way for you to get into shape safely and quickly. There’s nothing more you have to do to prepare other than walk in and be ready to work. You won’t be lumped in with a group of Crossfit veterans blasting through their workout–this class is designed for new people to get comfortable and up to speed.

It’s time to pull yourself together and hit the gym and start your new, strong life.
You. Will. Love. It.

Ready to start? Email Shannon to schedule your appointment.

What a typical class looks like:

  • Warm up
  • Skill development–one of the 9 functional movements with proper form
  • WOD (work out of the day)
  • Cool down
  • Record your progress in your CFSWP journal

What your first class looks like:

  • Fill out waiver
  • Receive introduction to CrossFit methodology and functional movements
  • Warm-up, evaluation process where we gauge your current fitness level
  • Skill development (learning proper form of a movement)
  • Intro Workout
  • This 1 hour class will leave you energized and craving more.
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