Paleo Challenger Winners

Jan-Feb Paleo Challenge winner updates:

ALL did fantastic, excellent job to everyone who took on this challenge but we could only have 2 winners.

Jen C lost over 2.5 inches on her waistline and her performance went up by 73 points. David lost 2.2 inches and his performance went up by 15 points! Awesome work! Not everyone can win first but you are all winners for doing this challenge and staying with it! I am Inspired by you all! Because it was such a close race between 1st and 2nd … both for women and men runner up challengers will also get new CFSWP t-shirt- when they come in. Next generation are in the design stage.

Jen Cho Paleo Challenger winner- wins $150.00



David S. Men’s Paleo Challenger Winner: Wins $150.00

Runner up is Sam W and Huston H will also receive nutrition tracking log books.

Keep up those healthy eating habit for even more results in the months to come.

Excellent work all!

Superbowl Sunday hours and retesting for Challenge!

Start of week 4 of the strict paleo Challenge- KEEP GOING- Make this week count and remember why you started. You got this.

Retest SuperBowl Sunday- special hours.
Join us to retest/pictures/measurements Sunday at noon, KidFit 1:00pm, Oly and CrossFit 101 2:00pm. Gym closes at 3:00pm so our community can go watch the Superbowl.

Grand prize winners! To be able to win the grand prize you must retest and have measurements and pictures taken by end of day Monday Feb 3rd. Winners will be announced on Feb 4th.

GoodLuck. Make this week the best clean eating yet, then come in a crush your old Fight Gone bad time!




CrossFit SW Portland offers professional CF programming in a 6,300 sq ft facility, equipped with a shower room and changing room as well as a kid hang out area. We have plenty of room for you to come in and start crushing those 2014 fitness goals.

January Specials:
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2014 and planning your goals!

New Year Resolutions: whether it be to loose that winter weight, get that first pullup/muscle up or to compete in your first comp. You will want to spend time really creating a plan and define your goal.

Read this article from Breaking Muscle to help you come up with a realistic plan-of-action to help turn your wanting of your goal into conquering it!

Happy Holidays from your friends at CFSWP! We are blessed to have each and everyone one of you as part of our community! Here is to you and your 2014 fitness goals.


Getting Started with CrossFit in January at CFSWP


Share the gift of CF Fitness this Holiday Season with a membership from CrossFit SW Portland.

At CrossFit SW Portland each athlete receives quality and professional programming that is designed to take the novice, intermediate and the experienced athlete to their next level of fitness. All levels are welcomed here at CFSWP. We are also family friendly and have something for everyone who is motivated and willing to come in and listen to their coach. We have plenty of room and equipment for you in our 6,300 sq ft facility, as well as a changing and shower room, kid hang out room, kitchen, an outstanding and committed community and more.

All CrossFit gyms are not created the same, we promise you ETHICS, Quality Program Design and an OUTSTANDING coaching and assistant coaching staff led by our brilliant, one-of-a-kind head coach, that sets our facility apart from most.

Enroll now for our next January ‘Getting Started’ with CrossFit Program.

4 weeks: Tue and Thur at 9:00am, 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:00pm. Starting Jan 7th. Class sizes limited.

Our next ‘TeenFit’ will be offered every Tue and Thur at 3:30-4:15pm with coach Troy. Enrolling now. 10 sign ups start this class on Jan 7th. 13-16yrs
Enroll online or over the phone.
Shannon 503-810-4722


Upcoming Events:


Dec. 22nd 4:00pm  X-mas WOD/Toast/Potluck/ Bring a Friend Day- White elephant gift-optional and $20.00 and under). (12 Day of Christmas WOD).

Dec. 23rd last class is at 5:30pm
Dec. 24th & 25th closed

Dec 26th reopen for 5:30pm & 6:30pm class only Dec. Getting Started athletes make up day is Sunday Dec. 29th at 2pm.
and Make up day offered on Dec. 31st at 9:00am, (work on Oly movements) or join us for any regular class on the schedule and coach will scale it for you.

Dec. 31st Last class is at 5:30pm. OLY TESTING

Jan 1st Closed am classes – reopen at 4:30pm


Garage Games return to CrossFit SW Portland for The World Wide WOD Gym Resolutions


Jan 11th Garage Games: World Wide WODGym Resolutions 2014                 Hosted onsite at CrossFit SW Portland will host the 2nd annual World Wide WOD Gym Resolutions 2014 on January 11th. World Wide WOD : Gym Resolution is an annual event held in gyms/boxes all over the World! It will be held at the beginning of the new year, just in time to test and set New years Resolutions. Register here:

Jan 12th Kettlebell Essentials Workshop:                                                              CrossFit SW Beaverton will be hosting Kettlebell Essentials Workshop, put on by Sex, Food, and Kettlebells on Sunday, January 12th. from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Cost is $129 This full day workshop covers: Kettlebell Fundamentals – Swing, Clean & Press, Push Press, Snatch, Jerk, Bottoms-Up Clean, Bottoms-Up Press, and many other variations. Kettlebell Grinds – Wind Mill, Single-Leg

To register for this workshop, click on the link below.

Aug. 2nd Spartan Race:


Check in prize in January will be a CrossFit SW Portland hoodie. Make sure you check in from your smart phone  from the CFSWP box when you WOD in January. Winner announced on Jan 31st.

Testimonal from Kate W.

A current member sent me this email today, I was so touched by it. If you are thinking about trying CF this should inspire you to give it a try. Thanks Kate for giving me permission to share it with our community. I just want to say Kate, we are so proud of you and all that you accomplished. You are doing outstanding and this is only the beginning!

One could say I have always been a bit of a late bloomer. I didn’t attend graduate school until I was 34, didn’t have a baby until I was 37, and didn’t begin CrossFit until I turned 39. Shannon, one of the owners of Crossfit SW, invited me to try a class in June of 2012. I decided against it convincing myself that I could get my pre-baby body back all on my own. I spent the next year trying to do the same cardio exercises that had always worked for me before but failed to make much progress. Sick and tired of holding onto the last ten pounds of pregnancy weight and fearful that a future pregnancy could double what was already there I took the plunge.

It was July 11th, 2013. Never before has a start date meant more to me. I began with the getting started program two days a week. Like others who have seen the crossfit games on TV or read about the extreme workouts I was scared and intimidated. All of those fears were gone the moment I met Coach Steve. He is skilled at scaling the workouts to meet each individual at their current level of fitness and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming to all levels of athleticism. He is talented and brings new meaning to the word “coach”. I feel so comfortable in this gym, maybe because it doesn’t feel like his gym but rather our gym. In the past I would dread going to the gym but dredge through it. Now I look forward to class and feel great after.

I am a school teacher, a wife, and a mother. I need a exercise program that has flexible hours and delivers the most bang for your buck. As many other busy working professionals when I have an opportunity to do something new that may make me happy I have to decide if it’s worth giving up something I currently enjoy doing. After all, there are only so many hours in the day.

In the past four months I have seen changes in me that go way beyond physical. I am happier, healthier, stronger, and yes…skinnier! I have been committed to crossfit an average of three days per week and often walk my son and garden keeping as active as possible. I have lost 15 pounds and two pant sizes. My body has changed in ways I never dreamed it would, not only am I smaller but toned where there was no muscle before. Today as I write this blog I am proud of myself. Not only because I am officially sporting my pre-baby size 8 skinny jeans, but because I chose to not let fear rule me and take my fate into my own hands and because of it I am not shying away from the camera or the scale. For the first time in my life skinny is not the end goal but rather an added perk that comes along with being strong and fit.

Kate Wilebski