12-1 – 1/24

Bring A friend DAY is coming. Thursday, Feb 11th 7pm. Give Worlds Best Boot Camp a try. Crossfit community is welcome to come join in on the fun too.

12/1 – 12/10 see Facebook page!

Bring a friend days are Thursday, Friday and Sat. Join your friend and enter into a raffle to win some great prizes. Call for meets: 503-810-4722

See FB page.


Have you ever been on a team…

A team that…

in the thick of things…

When $%*! hits the fan…

You know who’s going to be there?

Putting their 100% in just like YOU are?

It’s almost MAGIC when people come together like that.

Like the TEAM is greater than the sum of All it’s parts…

Like the sheer ENERGY of being together, gets things done…

Elevates people to DO more and BE more.

WE have that here…

You want it?

It all starts with a FREE 1 on 1 Intro to CrossFit…

To see if YOU’RE the right fit for our team.

Be a part of something different!


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Give the GIFT of FITNESS: To yourself and or to that special loved one.

Give the GIFT of FITNESS: To yourself, to that special loved one.

Develop NEW FOUND strength, excitement & encouragement,


It all starts with a FREE Introduction class.

What we offer:

CrossFit: 101, 201 skill level classes
Specialty weight lifting classes:
Barbell Club, Olympic Lifting
Mobility expert on staff
Open Gym: (work on goals, work on your custom programming)
Worlds Best Boot Camp- 6 week program

Start your Journey with Worlds Best Boot Camp – one of a kind 6 week course. That will get your foundation ready. We offer nutrition assistance, on and offsite help, bonus home work. 1 trooper in each camp WINS $200 in each troop on graduation day. WBBC t-shirt included. No man left behind, when you win …i win. January 9th next camp.

$49 saves your spot in TROOP 014.


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