Crossfit Refresh Yoga

Crossfit Refresh Yoga…is coming up 2x this month. Free for all members, brig your yoga mat.

All levels, reward for the mind and body after a great week of workouts. I promise not to use my ‘yoga voice’, and we’ll get some sweet rehab done on sore muscle tissue.

If you’ve never done yoga, but have a curiosity, and love CFSWP this a great place to start.


See you all there🏋🏋 Saturdays in August on 8-19 and 8-26 at 10am

6 week Getting started challenge kicks off 6/24

You have seen our transformations over the past several years.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Our next +++6 WEEK CHALLENGE+++

Kicks off this JUNE.

We are looking for 20 local participants that want to transform their Health and Fitness.

This is for those that want serious results and looking for REAL results in 6 weeks.

So please don’t register unless you are ready to work hard and make this a lifestyle.

We have a team of dedicated coaches ready to work with you right now, and our 6 week program always fill up FAST!

Here is what to expect from the challenge:
✔️ A Fitness Program that includes 3 sessions per week with a Certified Coach
✔️ An easy to follow nutrition plan specific to you and your goals
✔️ A Shopping list and plan to make your shopping experience easy each week.
✔️ Closed Group-Accountability Group to share support and stay motivated
✔️ Team of Coaches to keep you on track and progressing
✔️ An Amazing Experience

If you are interested in obtaining real results in 6 weeks, 10-28lb loss, increased muscle definition, tone and tight for summer Contact us today.

Join us for a free workout May 25th at 7pm.



3rd location after a little over 5 years.

Started in our garage with 30 people, ended up in Goose Hollow and followed our journey to Beaverton. Thank you ALL for your continued support and referrals.

Wanted to give a shout out to all those that have journed with us. Thank you for making our community extra special and for putting your faith in us.

We have many others just going on 4.5 years and others 3 years.

Some have left shortly and returned.

Thank you guys for being apart of the evolution of CFSWP! We strive to offer you the best services and now offer even more programs and are constantly evolving.

Thanks again all !<3

5 year PicMonkey Collage