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Jan 13th

Looking to reset your nutrition?

Join us on Jan 13th at 11:30am for our next nutrition kick off.
Wod will be available at 9:00am.

We will have two options for you:

Clean eating plan with coach Brain or an RP
Macro plan with coach steve.

– Clean eating plan: choose quality foods and estimating quantity without weighing and measuring your food.

-Macro plans: you weigh and measure your food according to your goals and how often you wod. These will be customized for each person.

Choose the option you know you will commit to do for 30 days.

You will be given a plan of action and a separate support group to be a part of for 30 days.

Cost of either nutrition plan is $99. Spots are llimited.


Informational seminar on 1/13
-Before/after Pictures
-Before/after measurements
-Before/after workout wod to measure progress
-Separate Support group for challengers only

Available to members for $99 non members for $150

Rsvp here:


Offer Ends THIS Sunday!


3 months of CF, up to 3x a week for $300. paid in Full. Contact for deets.

Do you KNOW someone who wants to get fit, healthy and have the most fun doing it!

If they want to checkout what this CrossFit thing is all about?
This is it. Comment below “ImIN” to save one of the 5 remaining or text 503-810-4722.

Gift certificates available until Sunday with this offer.

For every referral your name will be entered into our Dec raffle to WIN an 1 hour sports massage valued at $85.00 with Tim Young.

Other ways to win: Your name will be entered every time you check in to our FB page on your days this Dec. that you workout.

#CFSWP #StongerTogether #WhenYouWin…Wewin!

October- Athlete of the month!

Athlete of the month!

Meet Laura Isaacson! Her and her husband are usually in the evening classes, she has been dedicated to her fitness and setting goals and crushing them. Her most recent accomplishments: strict pull up and 185lb deadlift! Way to go Laura!

How long have you been at CFSWP?

I started with the 6 week series back in April 2017 and was hooked.

What inspired you to start?

I wanted to find something to get my butt in shape. I was tired of being exhausted, out of breath and riddled with anxiety. I needed to find a positive outlet for getting healthy.

My good friend, Joy Bragg, asked me if I wanted to do a 6 week challenge. I had nothing to loose and went for it. I had zero expectations going into it. When I got there and realized it was Crossfit, I remember thinking “what have I gotten myself into? Fudge (sorry Steve, I mean Fuck!”)

What makes you stick with it?

After the six week challenge I made the decision and commitment to myself that I would never go back to the way I was. I felt too good to take ten steps back. I had conquered one of the most difficult hurdles in my life, getting my 35 year old butt in shape.

I love how CF challenges me everyday. Sometimes I go into workouts thinking “how in the world am I going to do this” and leave feeling like I am the most badass mom in Beaverton. I feel strong physically and mentally. I really feel like CF has changed so many things for me in my life. I am more confident, happier and my kids are proud of me.

What’s your favorite movement?

I love handstands and handstand push-ups. I have also become a huge fan of burpees.

What’s your current health- or fitness-related goal?

My current goals are to make it to the gym four times per week and give it my all. I am working on my diet. I am trying to stick to a Paleo diet. I noticed that after my macro plan, I had some weight loss, I was able to run faster with less shortness of breath and able to lift more. I finally did a strict pull up!

What do you do for fun? Anything with my kids. We love to be outside and explore new places. They are both very athletic and we have a lot of fun playing baseball, basketball, football and anything gymnastics.

Any advice for newcomers?

Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated. We are not judging you, we are all cheering you on. The hardest thing to do is to just keep showing up. Give it your all and allow yourself to be vulnerable to learning the movements. It is totally worth it!

Anything else you would like to add? I love the community at Crossfit SW Portland. Everyone is supportive and helpful. Steve and Shannon are incredible, passionate coaches. I am very grateful to have found them and this community. THANK YOU!

6 week challenge- great for getting started starts 9/30

Only a couple spots left.

9/30 10 pictures, measurements, performance testing

nutrition kickoff


then we meet Tue/Thur at 7pm and Sat at 10am for 6 weeks.


Increase strength, loose inches and build on your endurance, core and loose fat.

$250 and 1 spot left.


call for deets: 503-810-4722

Our next 6 week challenge kicks off in Sept.

Our next 6 week challenge kicks off in Sept.

Call 503-810-4722 for a free consult and to see if this
program is a good fit for you.

I love how many people have a profound experience
that has been life changing from this program.

Great for beginners but all levels will see benefit.

This program has a proven success track record
Join us for up to 3x a week

Increase performance/endurance/strength
Professional coaching staff
Professional programming
Nutrition guidance/program
Supplement guidance
Increased Mobility / Flexibility
Improve balance and coordination
Improve Technique
Have seen up to 13.75 total inches
and up to 25lbs loss from clients in 6 weeks.
Excited to work with you.

Coach Shannon

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-Custom Programming
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Join us to deload, destress, and make this your favorite part of your day. Workouts that are 100% programmed and led by our professional training staff.

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