Are your ready to make traction!

Start here
STEP 1: What do you want?
Here is where you get to outline your BIG BOLD GOAL
STEP 2: What are you doing to get there?
Action Steps
STEP 3: What comes up for you when you visualize your future self obtaining your goals?
READY to share?
I have 2 time slots left today, where I am available to connect with NEW or returning clients to discuss the above.
11am and 2pm.
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Transformation coach

Building your foundation in our 6 week bootcamp.

Building your foundation in our 6 week bootcamp.
Every Fitness program should start with a solid foundation.
During our 6 week bootcamp we start by building your foundation step by step
Each week we focus on different nutrition topics that build on each other as we work on our core and conditioning.
Each week also work on our mind set and with successes exercises which helps you
with a long term mental focus to help you conquer lifes obstacles
It’s more than just a workout.It’s a 1 of a kind experience. ❤
Next camp begins 4/20> schedule your free phone consult.

How is your nutrition?

Do you Struggle with Nutrition?


Do you need help figuring out

What to eat,

When to eat and

How much to eat?

Maybe just a starting place?

Do you need encouragement and Accountability?

Weekly check ins?

We can help!

Each week you will connect and check in with your coach,
you will be given feedback and tips for that week.

A starting plan and as you go a long term plan.

We also help you understand what food to eat to fuel your body the right way..

want to learn more?
Schedule your free phone consult 503-810-4722,


but I got off track coach…


4 count breath,
create your vision,
review you goal timeline,
know your worth it,
go back after it.

It’s never to late to start

and really go for it.

Again do this now!

Write down your goal,
visualize your goal,

put in your living room or bathroom a place you will see it
a dress, or those jeans you want to wear that are to snug
or a bikini you want to get in to or maybe have your wedding dress out,.

What ever it is, take it out. SO you can SEE it.

Create a vision board. It will help you design your life.

and just start,

stay consistent and know…

it’s a journey that may have bumps and hills…

here for you, I do weekly coaching for those that need a little boost, someone who cares to check in on you and call you. Feel free to let me know if you want these services. I love what I do and help you reach and crush your goals is what I live for.


 Coach S

What makes us different? For one, we work on several success exercises in camp, to break past barriers and past patterns and work your mindset as well as nutrition and fitness!

Success exercise

Lets look at—>self care.

An ingredient that you need to restore, rebuild and to stop an acknowledge where you are in life , set goals, reflect and so much more.

How much time are you investing to take care of yourself so you can get shit done!

What do you do to take care of yourself?

I mean really, you need this to prevent burn out, so you can love yourself, so you can take priority, so you can give back to others. Part of self care is allowing that to happen.

We can take care of to others if we restore ourselves…some self self kindness and…self love time! This could be on Sunday or at least 1 day a week.

We need to allow ourselves some time…it doesn’t have to be extravagant!!!!!

I think we think it has to be that….don’t we??? So we have an excuse not to give that to ourselves.

Self care doesn’t have to be a big thing that you just do not allow yourself to do it.

It could be just the practice of the art of taking care of YOU!

My hope and goal for all of you and wish is for you to let this be a part of a habit, allowing you some YOU time.

This could be a whole afternoon or an hour in the hot bath with bubbles.

Or veg out with a tea and reflection time or meet up with a friend for a $15 chair massage.;D That’s what i did today, met a good friend and my bootcamp co-coach. ;D

It doesn’t have to be massive… just some good self care.

—–>Here we go homework!<——-

I want you all to look at your schedule this week.

and you decide what your at least 1x a week self care will be. Maybe it’s working on your vision board, taking a walk to think about your week, a tea on the deck watching the sunrise..

Come on guys! What’s the point of everything else, if you can’t take time for you.

Self care is not just about of eating well but also about acknowledgment to yourself. With self care, will come the ability to show up in the world and give our best self.

Doing this will allow you to be more confidence, your less tired because you have done things to take care of yourself. It all builds on each other.

A lot of time my clients say I DON”T HAVE TIME FOR ME!

I am sorry but! i do not believe that.

You can do things that will refiill your own cup, invest in yourself.

What does that look like? that looks different to different people.

The truth may be you are not doing the thing, that you need to do to have that time.

I know… I know… I know …life happens, we have a lot of stuff going on but that does not mean you can’t take care of you.

There is still time to make shit happen, part of self care builds you up. You are worth it.

What will your self care be this week? Please feel free to share and G.R clients sounds off below.

Coach S

Ready to break the cycle?

Whats holding you back?

I mean REALLY… REALLY.. holding you back from…

getting what you want.

I hear all the time from those that start in one of my camps, there is some type of fear.
and then patterns of negative self talk and patterns that we need to take care of others and put ourselves last.
You may already know that this is a problem.
The reality IS!!!
We need to stop giving our power away by belittling ourselves.
It’s TIME to beak the cycle!
AS a mother of two, we want to teach our children to own what they want, follow through on their goals. We need to do that and role model this..not just hope that they will pick up on this somehow.
The more often we give power away, fear sets in.
During camp I will challenge YOU to  stop undermining YOUR self worth
Let’s start with self care, self love and self building up from the foundation.
This is one more thing we work on in camp, mindset and breakthroughs and awareness
Are you ready to breakthrough and start building from your foundation?
contact me today:

How are your workouts going this month?

Are you all still CRUSHING it in the gym (or wherever you do it)?

Still measuring and tracking your progress?

How about those original goals you set for yourself that we talked about 10 weeks and 6 weeks ago. time to check in!

Have you met them and moved on or are you still struggling to achieve them? Or are you restarting?

What about your nutrition?

Are you on point with your diet?

Are yo drinking ENOUGH water?

Are you still food planning & preparing so you never have wonder “what’s for dinner?”

And the success exercise for March was to plan something for the first week of June time frame that you want to look/feel
great for.

Something that will cost you money and/or time as well as having other people involved to witness it…

Let us know how you’re all doing with all of this and if you are stuck, dm me.

Need help putting this all together or a plan to meet your timeline, I am here to help. PM to ask about how a remote coach can help you get greater results.

Coach Steve
In The business of changing lives. 

Remote coach for programming and nutrition
onsite bootcamp with transformation bootcamp
and Get Ripped coach with remote group training.

Dec. Athlete of the month!

December athlete of the month! Congrats Steven!

Steven P. is full of positive vibes, he encourages, cheers and supports everyone around him. He is very dedicated and has seen A LOT of progress hitting new personal records almost weekly. Catch a class with Steve MWF at 11am and in Oly! Thanks Steven for being apart of our CFSWP community! We love having you here! Keep up the great work!

How long have you been at CFSWP?
Awesome, thank you! A year and half.

What inspired you to start?
I wanted to lose weight and a friend recommended the 6 week getting started program in boot camp. After that I really wanted my first pull-up and I got that!
What makes you stick with it?
The crossFit lifestyle. Setting goals, working hard, and crushing goals keeps me setting goals and working harder.
What’s your favorite movement?
Power cleans and running

What’s your current health- or fitness-related goal?
Perform all movements without assists.
What do you do for fun?
Fun is a good cup of coffee or food with friends.

Any advice for newcomers?
You get what you put in. Enjoy the process and celebrate results.

Anything else you would like to add?
The coaches and community at CrossFit SW are the best!