30 Day Macro plan -Fat Loss Program


The 30 Day Fat Loss Program is OFFICIALLY OPEN for registration for our Fall session!

For more info about our upcoming 30 Day Fat Loss Program, read on, and if you’re interested in joining, we strongly recommend you grab your spot today because our



**Your transformation is waiting!**

The Fine Print

The only way this program will work is if you give it the full 30 days, no cheats, slips or half-hearted attempts. 100% commitment and dedication is what you need to be successful.

Over the past 3 years THIS PROGRAM HAS taken 329 clients through these protocols and collectively they have lost over 2,600 lbs of FAT!!

Those are some pretty AWESOME numbers!


You must commit to the full program, exactly as outlined. Anything less and we make no claims as to your results, or the chances of your success.

Anything less and you are selling yourself – and your potential results – short.

It’s only 30 days! Commit to your results!

I know YOU WANT THIS….otherwise you would have not have read this far…

At the end of this program you will experience AMAZING results !!

The keys to your success will be your dedication, your mindset and your compliance to the program and protocols you are about to learn.

You can do this…
You’ve read too far to back out now….
You want to do this….
You need to do this…

If you’re still not convinced, check out our Facebook Page for more Lean Machine™ 30 Day Transformations!

If you’re are READY to make a change and achieve your health and fat loss goals, the 30 Day Fat Loss Program is for you!

Grab your spot here —-> info@cfswp.com

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