How are your workouts going this month?

Are you all still CRUSHING it in the gym (or wherever you do it)?

Still measuring and tracking your progress?

How about those original goals you set for yourself that we talked about 10 weeks and 6 weeks ago. time to check in!

Have you met them and moved on or are you still struggling to achieve them? Or are you restarting?

What about your nutrition?

Are you on point with your diet?

Are yo drinking ENOUGH water?

Are you still food planning & preparing so you never have wonder “what’s for dinner?”

And the success exercise for March was to plan something for the first week of June time frame that you want to look/feel
great for.

Something that will cost you money and/or time as well as having other people involved to witness it…

Let us know how you’re all doing with all of this and if you are stuck, dm me.

Need help putting this all together or a plan to meet your timeline, I am here to help. PM to ask about how a remote coach can help you get greater results.

Coach Steve
In The business of changing lives. 

Remote coach for programming and nutrition
onsite bootcamp with transformation bootcamp
and Get Ripped coach with remote group training.

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