Clean Eating Challenge: Kick off is June 7th

Nutrition plays a H-U-G-E role in your fitness, folks. What you eat today can strengthen or weaken the gains made at the box tomorrow. You are in total control of this entire process! Modern diets are not compatible with our digestive system. What ‘diets’ might I speak of? You know…fast-food eating, refined & processed carbohydrates in the forms of boxed, canned and bagged foods that line the aisles of the grocery stores. Foods that contain flour, wheat, grain and jelly-jam packed with ingredients that NO ONE can pronounce!

Our CFSWP clean eating plan will focus on quality, whole foods over preservative laden, processed foods. Furthermore, it targets foods that cooperate with your genetics because there are such foods like grains, legumes and dairy, that might very well be at odds with your health.

The health benefits of the clean eating diet: AKA paleo diet are endless. The protein and seafoods will help support muscle growth and optimal immune function. Healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and grass-fed meat have been shown to reduce obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease due to monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that reduce the likelihood of developing cancer and diabetes.

Other benefits include stable blood sugars, burn off stored fat, improved sleep, reduced allergies, and more efficient workouts. Eating these quality whole-foods are full of these vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants…so much in fact that you will never have to supplement and buy fake foods to compensate.  Whole foods are nutrient dense and the synergy is bar-none, as they are found in their most natural state and form; rather than factory made by humans in some laboratory. Besides, supplements are wicked expensive!

Basically the Clean Eating / Paleo diet is based on the food that our ancestors consumed before modern agriculture started. Starting a healthy Paleo lifestyle is easy to follow and sustain when kept simple.

Want more???

…sign up now to be entered into our Clean Eating Challenge: Kick off June 7th.

Pictures/measurements/ we will email you detailed instructions. Clean Eating is different fro our strict challenge, so if you want in. You must sign up of the details all.

Clean Eating Challenge is  $25.00

2 WINNERS will win some fun prizes. 1 most improved and the other best overall results!

Other Great Sources:

Email to RSVP your spot.
2 winners will win prizes,
Before/After pictures/ measurements/ test to a benchmark workout and retest in 30days

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