How to use CFSWP CLASSES Update.

• Come often, and a little early WHEN YOU COME 10 MIN LATE IT CAN EFFECT EVERYONE, at least (5 minutes in advance) every week. 3+x or more/week for best results.

• Sign in online for class. – not everyone does but it helps us help you to stay on track.

• If the computer says class is full, double check with the coach – sometimes we make exceptions!

• ATTITUDE – Cheer others on, clap and give high 5’s – it will improve YOUR results!

• Be responsible.

• Choose weights according to your ability AND mindset that day. – scale in the beginning- please ask for help if you need it.

• Stay alert, awake, and fully engaged in class.

• Pick up after yourself – re-rack weights, put away boxes, re-hang rubber bands.

• Clean up after yourself – bring a workout towel, and wipe the floor with disinfectant and a mop after your workout.

• Be honest with your numbers both in the Success Journal and in times / reps in class.

• Create a plan to train CFSWP style at home.

• Use the website daily to watch for upcoming info, workouts, and post comments.

• Participate in clinic and events – they will really help your training.

Let you coach know if you have super soreness levels, tight, strains and we can help you! Sometimes customize a different workout if you need it for that time period. We are here of you , so please check in often.
How to use your CFSWP Primary Coach:

• Your coach is your primary point of contact at CFSWP.

• Use him/her for:

– all health/fitness/nutrition questions, concerns, problems

– progress checks and accountability (showing up, diet, goals)

– before/after pictures

– goal identifying and setting
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Let me know if you have any questions.



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