August athlete of the month- Jill Callicotte!


August athlete of the month goes to Jill Callicotte. Jill is an inspiration to us all and she is not only consistent with her workouts but sets goals and goes after them. She works on mobility on and off site and it really shows. Jill is a big part of our community, supportive of others around her and is a joy to have in class. If you have not met Jill yet, be sure to catch a class with her at 9am on some Tue and Thur or noon MWF.

Name: Jill Callicotte

When did you start doing CrossFit? I started CrossFit when you opened at your current location.

What motivated you to start CrossFit? I wanted to check out and support what you and Steve started in your garage in 2010. I started when you first moved to your location in Goose Hollow and because after doing aerobics for too long my quest to look and be healthier had completely stalled.

Favorite WOD/lift?  My favorite lift is the bench press.
My favorite WOD would be one that does not require speed and does not include burpees.  I do not mind posting my times up because I am proud to have finished the workout.  I prefer WODS that require determination as opposed to speed because I try not to give up.

Least Favorite WOD/lift? My least favorite is the snatch. On a positive note, after two years I am getting the movement down.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military, interests, etc.).  
I have been married 39 years to my husband Craig.  We have three children, a daughter in-law, and two grandchildren. We enjoy going to the beach and have traveled a bit since my retirement.  We are planning to travel more when Craig retires from the fire service.   I feel so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.


What were you doing before CrossFit? Before crossfit I tried a combination of exercise classes and worked with a  trainer one on one.  It was a good start but I found that I could not remember the exercises and how to use the weight machines without him supervising.  It was at that time that I thought about needing a program where there was a coach available.  I realized that it would help me if there were other participants who I could follow/copy.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout? I loved my first CrossFit workout. When I look back it seemed so difficult but it gave me a feeling of accomplishment.  I still feel that way after every workout.
What were your goals when joining CrossFit?  My goals were centered around staying as healthy as possible.  I hoped to be stronger and develop better balance.

Have you achieved any of those goals? I believe that I have made strong gains and that I can still improve. I would say that getting my pull-up was one of my best achievements.  I also surprised myself when I learned to do the box jump.  I credit Steve with that one (really all of them).  He just added a bit of height once in a while until I got it.  I think some of the increments were thick as nickels and it took over a year.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the Gym?
CrossFit has positively impacted my life.  I had always suffered from joint pain.  When I joined the Paleo Challenge I learned that I did not have to live that way.  I do not adhere strictly to the diet but I have modified that way that I eat substantially.  My joints do not ache and I imagine that it is a combo of a better diet and better joint strength from the exercise.  I know that the athletes and the coaches at the gym have made my life better.  There is always someone to admire, someone to laugh with and someone to encourage you. For the first time in my life I look forward to going to the gym.

What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CrossFit SW Portland?  My advice to a newbie would be to keep coming and to measure your progress by keeping a good record of your workouts. There is a place for the most and least accomplished athlete.  There is a place for the serious competitors and the people who compete only with themselves.  You can benefit if you are young or if you, like me, are in your sixties.  There is a place for you at SWPCF.

You can accomplish amazing things once  you apply yourself. Congrats Jill for proving this over and over again.
You can accomplish amazing things once you apply yourself. Congrats Jill for proving this over and over again.

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