Welcome Valentine Calvin to our CFSWP trainer team!


Val’s Fitness Philosophy:
I have always thought if it was socially acceptable to simply run everywhere like dogs do then we would all be in immaculate shape! For years I swore when I grew up I would have no furniture in my living room but instead only exercise equipment. Therefore, with no place to sit, if you wanted to watch TV you had to run, bike or hop on an elliptical. As I began to view life on a more holistic level, I realized the big picture is all a matter of balance. Most of us recognize the importance of physical activity and overall health but not all of us take action and many of us don’t know the appropriate action to take. Undoubtedly, in a fantasy world we would all prefer to be snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, hunting, fishing, hiking mountain tops, snowboarding, exploring the beauties of the world, or shopping for countless hours as our form of exercise. The reality of life simply puts you to the test, questioning how much time are you willing to invest in YOUR health? Don’t make daily exercise the most dreaded part of your day. Maintain your physical condition so when you do get the opportunity to do activities you enjoy most, you can experience them to the fullest.
Take a moment and ask yourself where on the priority list is your health? Yes, many of us would love to be the biggest, the fastest, the strongest but what are you willing to invest or change to simply be YOUR best? Do not let the fitness images of vanity overcome you, instead think of those most important in your life. How does your health affect both yours and theirs happiness? If you want to be elite and make it to the top great, if you simply want to meet your grandchildren and great grandchildren then you may have some lifestyle feng shui to re-arrange.
Recognizing health is not about the number on the scale or how you compare to top models, athletes, and actors, but instead how you view the reflection in the mirror and how you grow to become willing to accept your imperfections. Don’t make physical activity a chore. Find the most motivational factor that drives you to exercise especially on the days you don’t want to. There is always an excuse for everything and people will make time for what they want. Enjoy life, but the healthier and happier you are the more you can enjoy it to the fullest.

My Background:
I come from the middle of nowhere Oregon. If you think you are from Timbuktu challenge me and I’ll tell you the story. An hour from civilization, generator for power, no TV, no cell service, no phone lines, no phone period. No address, no school bus, no mail service. My father is a wild life biologist and my mother is a park ranger. I have always been active both recreational as well as family labor and don’t know anything different. My father always made me work. There was no quitting and there was no crying. His famous phrase is “Go find something productive to do!” I truly believe how and where I was raised shaped my perspective on life, health, and physical activity.

Growing up on a lake gave me the opportunity for water sports which are my favorite! I went from tubing (pretty extreme tubing) to kneeboarding, to wakeboarding, and wake surfing. Nothing puts me more at easy than being on or in the water! As far as other sports I was most involved with dance in the forms of tap, ballet, and jazz. After taking about 5 classes per week for 14 years I then taught classes for 5 years. Dance has given me a huge advantage as far as flexibility, spatial awareness, and fine tuning body manipulation. Minor adjustments can make all the difference in sport. In addition to dance, I was involved in track and field for several years primarily as a jumper, hurdler, and sprinter. After no longer being able to tolerate impact on bi-lateral stress fractures in my legs I transferred schools and joined the swim team instead; again, primarily as a sprinter excelling in freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. Upon entering college at Oregon State University to pursue my degree in Exercise and Sport Science I walked onto the woman’s crew (rowing) team as a D1/PAC 10 athlete. Alongside with school, rowing, and working, I continued teaching dance classes and also became very involved in the ballroom dancing community. Experimenting with several styles of ballroom I discovered my favorites to be West Coast Swing, Night Club 2 Step, and Hustle. About this same time I became an active member of the OAHPERD (Oregon Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) community. In addition, I also served several years with the United Spirits Association as a High School State Dance Team judge. 2009 is when I found Crossfit or Crossfit found me. I wouldn’t trade the success of the program or the people I meet for the world!. The simple science of being “constantly varied” allows people to continue experiencing physical gains in addition to not getting burnt out mentally. Bottom line… IT FREAKING WORKS!
The gist of the story: don’t let the glitter fool you I love the fluff but that don’t meant I ain’t tough. I’ve danced en pointe and I’ve hunted and gutted. I’m an open-minded spirit wanting to help people change their lifestyles in a holistic way.

Credential/Experience Highlights:

B.S. In Exercise and Sport Science

Crossfit L1 certified

2011 Southwest Regional Team Competitor

2012 Northwest Regional Team Competitor

2013 Oregon Winter Games 3rd place

2013 Reebok Crossfit  catalog model

2013 Northwest Regional Individual Competitor 19th place

Catch a class with Val Friday at 6am, 9am and some Saturday’s. Welcome to the team Val!

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