Chris never gave up and got his first ever C2B pull ups in 14.2!

Chris M. has been with CrossFit SW Portland for a little over a year and is doing the Open officially with two of his best friends this year. Although he had no chest to bar pull up experience, he did not give up and went for it and got several. Thanks Chris for sharing your experience. Your CFSWP family are all so proud of you and ALL of your accomplishments you have made this past year.


Last Friday our box had it’s open workout, 14.2. I showed up, ready to knock out my overhead squats and call it a day. I started kipping on the pull up bar though and people started cheering me on and giving me advice on changing my grip and other miscellaneous tips. I actually started to get close. I started the workout and with 2 minutes left on the clock I started trying to get a chest to bar pull up. I was getting close but just wasn’t contacting the bar. People were telling me I got it, but I didn’t feel it. I wanted a solid chest smashing into bar pull up, not a graze of my shirt on the bar pull up. The 3 minutes was up; chest to bar total so far? 0. I kept trying though and a few minutes later I got one. And another. Then another. I had to single them but I was getting them!

Once everyone finished that round of 14.2, I decided to go again. I breezed through the overhead squats and again had 2 minutes to try and get 1 rep of chest to bars that would count. I missed on the first couple attempts again. Then it happened; I got my first rep of chest to bars for 14.2. I wasn’t all that excited though, I wanted to get another one and I did. By the end of the 3 minutes I managed to get a total score of 14 for 14.2; four additional chest to bar pull-ups that I went into the box that day not expecting to get.
-Chris M.

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