Paleo Challenger Winners

Jan-Feb Paleo Challenge winner updates:

ALL did fantastic, excellent job to everyone who took on this challenge but we could only have 2 winners.

Jen C lost over 2.5 inches on her waistline and her performance went up by 73 points. David lost 2.2 inches and his performance went up by 15 points! Awesome work! Not everyone can win first but you are all winners for doing this challenge and staying with it! I am Inspired by you all! Because it was such a close race between 1st and 2nd … both for women and men runner up challengers will also get new CFSWP t-shirt- when they come in. Next generation are in the design stage.

Jen Cho Paleo Challenger winner- wins $150.00


David S. Men’s Paleo Challenger Winner: Wins $150.00

Runner up is Sam W and Huston H will also receive nutrition tracking log books.

Keep up those healthy eating habit for even more results in the months to come.

Excellent work all!

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