GO DARREN! Join us in cheering Darren on this weekend at the Gorillia Takeover & back Sun at 4pm for our Halloween Bash!

Join us to cheer Darren Acoba on as he competes at the Gorilla Takeover Comp. this weekend.

The Gorilla Takeover is a two day event held at The Portland Expo Center hosted by two professional and ethically sound boxes.

October 26th – 27th
Darren’s Heats for the 26th are:

Time: on the 26th
Heat 11 11:30, Heat 12 3:30 – Individual Male Rx

More details:
Details: http://www.thegaragegames.com/events/the-gorilla-takeover/



Sunday at 4pm


Row 750m
BandyLunge.ir_bias (move rear foot out internally rotating hip in extension)
2 Rounds
5 BackSquat (BB)
5 StrictPullUp

1) 4 Sets
FrontSquat x 3-5 reps @23X1
Rest :30
ChinUp x MR(-1) @21X0
Rest :90

2) 5 Sets (NFT)
8 PullUp unbroken AFAP
Sprint 100m (1st Gate)
Rest/Walk back



at 4pm is our Annual Halloween Bash: WOD/Potluck/toast/.

*Come in a costume that you can WOD in, prizes for best dressed and best time.

*Bring a friend and we can scale the WOD for them and we will also have a 1 week friend pass to our next ‘Getting Started Program’ for everyone who brings a friend NEW to CFSWP.

*Don’t forget to bring your favorite paleo dish to share with your CFSWP friends at the paleo potluck!


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