Upcoming events:

Upcoming events:
We will be open for one 9:00am HERO WOD on Memorial Day! Get ready to beat your time from last year!

Saturday, June 1st at 7-pm, please join us for StarLight WOD. This is going to be a fun night and a great workout, please wear long socks. Paleo potluck/ BBQ /toast followed by WOD with Zeph from Proletariat Butchery (no am classes this day).

For those interested we will also kick off our next whole food eating challenge from June 1st to July 1st. (see CFSWP food Blog for details or email shannon@crossfitswportland.com for details).

Clean eating challenge begins June 1st: (This challenge is slightly different from our January strict paleo challenge, this is not a 30 day strict paleo but it is clean paleo eating challenge). See notes below.

$10.00 buy in
June 1st – July 1st
All members that enter into this challenge and completes it will be entered into a drawing. Prizes: CFSWP t-shirt, Momentum custom jump rope, Dick’s kitchen gift certificate.

Please arrange measurements, before and after pictures with Shannon@crossfitswportland.com. Drawing/raffle prizes will be announces shortly after the end of the challenge.

Goal: hard work at the gym & good nutrition = A leaner healthier you. Get ready for summer and show off those muscles!

Keep us posted on how you are doing on our CFSWP Face Book food blog page. Search for it in your Facebook search engine. If you do not like our page, please do so to stay updated on upcoming events!

See below for list.
(There are many great cook books out there on paleo we suggest you look at some great blogs online, we also have books at the gym you can check out, please return them so others can borrow them too).

How to eat-  Again we recommend reading Robb Wolf’s  Paleo Diet book and 30 DAYS Total-Transformation guide e-book.

If your goal is to lose fat using the Paleo Solution, the majority of your meals should look something like this:
• 4-8 oz of lean protein such as chicken, lean beef, turkey, pork loin
or seafood
• Several servings of multicolored vegetables, either raw, steamed or
lightly cooked
• Round out the meal with good fats from avocado, olive oil or a
handful of unsalted nuts such as almonds, pecans, macadamias or
• Eat this way 3-4 times each day.
Stay away from processed foods!
Do not skip meals! Plan ahead and then plan again.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it will give you a good idea of some
things to AVOID.
Alcohol – (3x a week red wine okay during this clean eating challenge)!
Canned beans
Canned fruit
Coffee creamer
Cottage cheese
Cream cheese
Dried beans
Frozen fries
Milk- We will okay grass-fed butter and milk for this clean eating challenge! You can thank me later. ; )
Snack cakes
Tater Tots
Whole grains

Ready to sign up? Email shannon@crossfitswportland.com or put your name on the board at the box!

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