1 year of CrossFit

May 14, 2013
I don’t have any before and after photos to share with you. I really wish I had thought of taking some when I started CrossFit, to document my progress from office lump to somebody who didn’t flinch looking at the words “100 burpee pull-ups” yesterday (although, the number of times the words “400m run” were written on the board made me a little queasy. That’s another story). I do know that last May 13th I couldn’t run 1 minute without stopping. In July, when I finally got around to writing stuff down, one of my first PR’s was a deadlift – 3 reps of 105 pounds. I made a note that it was a huge improvement because in June my deadlift maxed out at 93 pounds. I recently PR’d my deadlift at 173 lbs (it wasn’t the prettiest, but I did it). That weight is pretty kickass for me. High five!

I do have a measurement I kept track of from the very beginning and can compare to where I am now:
Weight May 2012: 135.
Weight May 2013: 105.

Read more of Tanya’s story here!


DSCN0539 DSCN0486

pic taken 12/12

Tanya judging for Jill for FGB!

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