Taking pre-orders for new CFSWP t-shirts now.

CFSWP T-SHIRT Pre-Ordering

1.Decide what color you would like, there are three pre-order choices. Men: Black, Blue or Grey. Women: Black, Grey or Purple. (T-Shirts are High Quality Blend). We will only have black in stock at the box, want another color? PRE-ORDER NOW!!

2.Decide what size and color you would like: S,M,L,XL,XXL – ladies shirts are fitted and run small.
3.Add your Name to this post on FB or email shannon@crossfitswportland.com. The deadline for orders are ASAP.
We will be ordering extras but to guarantee the SIZE and COLOR you want, pre-order now.

If you want us to ship a new CFSWP t-shirt to you, send us your address, shirt size/desired color, $25.00 and shipping fees. Thanks!

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