What you get with CrossFit at CrossFit SW Portland!

We are excited to share our passion of CrossFit with you. CrossFit provides an opportunity to each athlete/member and it is up to YOU to take advantage of this opportunity. With YOUR level of consistency and dedication CrossFit can and WILL take you to that next level of fitness. It certainly has taken many of our athletes that are dedicated and consistent to their next level of fitness. From weight loss, defining muscle tone, over all conditioning and health. It is an amazing program that needs a certain level of commitment from YOU. If you come work out, do mobility and eat clean you will be in the best shape of your life!

What am I Paying for?

CrossFit boxes are very different from other gyms you go to and each CrossFit gym offers their own unique style, programming and community. In a regular gym you simply do your own program. You get no feedback or coaching from experts. CrossFit, however, is based on extremely effective training provided by a Certified CrossFit trainer. Training at a CrossFit gym is a blend of personal training and group exercise class. At CrossFit SW Portland we have a certified trainer that leads and conducts each class.

Our trainers help you determine the right workout of the day (WOD) for you based on ability level, injuries, and any other relevant factors. Each class performs the WOD (workout of the day) together while the trainer gives individual attention to each athlete. The trainer will lead the warmup, refresh everyone on proper movements, skills and standards and coach each athlete for proper range of motion, emphasis on form and safety, and encourage each athlete during the WOD.

You’re not paying for a simple gym membership. You’re paying for a personal trainer, nutrition counselor, goal setter and tracker, motivator that actually gets you results! As a bonus you get a great community/family that makes working out long term possible, fun and enjoyable! We see results here at CFSWP and are excited to share it with ALL of you!

YOU bring the commitment we will provide you excellent training!

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