BEACH WOD IS COMING. Aug 17th-19th

Where: Barview Jetti County Beach in Garbaldi (see link). What: campers arrive on the 17th, beach WOD Sat 18th and 19th and we will have a Saturday potluck. Schedule will be posted next week. RSVP if you can join us at

Didn’t reserve your camp spot earlier in the year but want to join us for a beach WOD? RSVP! Campers sites are in U section. U-14,U-15,U-16,U-17,U-18 – sites are close together by beach trail and close to the ocean NOT next to the sand hill. Campers will be assigned campsites next week. Schedule of weekend Wod’s and Sat. potluck will be posted next week.

Campers only: Friday check in time arrival: 3:30PM
Campers only: check out 1:30pm

We have 5 sites reserved and they are all FULL. Barview campsite is full this weekend as well.
Meet us for WOD! Schedule to be announced!

Click to access Barview%20Jetty%20County%20Campground.pdf

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