Update and upcoming events:

Summer check in challenge update:
James L. is in the lead for taking home a free month of CrossFit for most check in’s from June -August, we will announce the winner on August 1st. Keep checking in on our Facebook page for a chance to win other fun prizes this summer. We have another CrossFit Reebok hat to give away at the end of this month.

Upcoming events:
GNO turns into CFSWP CrossFitter’s night out as Sasquatch Brewery this Sat. at 7pm. RSVP now so, we can can all be seated together!

July 31st: Session 2: CrossFit kids – register now.
Session 2: July 31 – Aug 30, 2012
• 2 days/wk Age 9-12 T & TH 7:00 -7:45PM
• 2 days/wk Age 13-17 T & TH 3:00-4:00pm

August 7th: Getting Started Program starts: 6am (6am only offered in Aug for GS class),9:30am or 5:00pm. Register now.

August 7th: CFSWP will be at National Night out at Pendleton park by Hayhurt school. CrossFit kids classes will be held here this evening!

August 17-19 BEACH WOD at Garbaldi beach! Gym closed Fri 4-8 afternoon classes – Sunday. Get your WOD on with us at the beach! RSVP.

KF -CFSWP Kids Flyer-updated

Photo by Mary Bernsen

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