Mother’s Day WoD & Bring a Friend to CF May 13th!

May 13th
Happy Mother’s Day WoD!

Bring a friend to CrossFit today at 4:00pm – FREE class for ALL today to honor our mother’s. New to CrossFit? Then come at 3:45pm to connect with a coach and get started.

We have one check in gift to give away after the 4pm class today! Be here!

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Mother’s Day WoD and Bring a Friend. 4pm – Teams will be even number

Triple Station WOD 20 mins:
From Start/Finish Line –

Walking Lunge to station 1

#1 Med Ball front squat/toss across “danger zone” x 10 reps (dropped ball is 5 pushup

Run to station 2

# 2 “Swamp Cross” using plate stack
Team Row Relay 500m @ setting 5 (team members swap at around 250m – member not rowing returns swamp plates)

#3 “Pet Carry” through obstacle course – pet cannot touch ground
Sprint to finish

Team annotates score at finish and begins a new round.

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