Post-Paleo Fran test then Paleo Potluck at 5pm! April 15th, 2012

April 15th, 2012

2:00pm & 3:00pm Open gym and intro’s.
4:00pm re-test to Fran after 30 day paleo challenge- beat your time.
5:00pm Paleo potluck.

See you at 4:00pm.
Bring your favorite paleo dish.

Nice job everyone that retested today to Fran.
Thank you for joining us afterwards for the paleo potluck, please share dish recipes on our CFSWP food blog. A lot of athletes beat their time, there were some close time improvements. Everyone did outstanding!

Everyone reported that they did very well on the paleo challenge. Excellent time improvements.

Our two winners for best time improvements are:

Jen Linnman is taking first with a minute and 25 sec off her pre-paleo time! Wow what a time improvement and has gone down a pant size.

Kelly Gordon comes in second with a minute and 7 seconds. Already at her ideal body weight , these ladies did Paleo and improved their time and felt great while doing paleo. Congratulations! They will split the prize money. Jen also wins a gluten free cook book and Kelly wins the Nom Nom Paleo socks! Nicely done ladies!

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