Nutrition Matters!


Currently our box is doing a 30+ day Paleo challenge. We have heard from many challengers that they have had great results. Not only with loosing weight but with their performance. Others have a hard time being 100% strict but are at 85-90% and are still seeing fantastic results.

Exercise is important and so is your Nutrition.

What we recommend:

Eat real foods.
Remove processed food from your diet as much as possible.
Remove refine carbs.
Log your results as you do your wods.

Some of our athletes find great results with Paleo diet while others do with Zone or just by eating clean and limiting sugar intake (saving it for special occasions).

The best strategy is the one that you can stay with and be happy with.

March 28th, 2012

What does this mean? What does this look like?

Having a balanced nutritional plan will take you to the next level! Quality + quantity = success!

Real foods in balance! 1/3 of your plate would have low fat protein, 1/3 would have low glycemic load carbs+ some good fat = a balanced meal!

Nutrition Matters!
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