Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity! Scaling and power!

Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity

CF @ CFSWP: Pursuit of strength and conditioning.

In the skill/strength specific section we do everyday happens before an METCON. Why? Well for many reasons, one being that you get to practice the technique and practice having good form. It is also designed partially to give information on what is YOUR heavy. This is programed and designed to give you information to use in Metcon.

It is also helpful to you to log your results in your workout book, this information will help you; know what weight to use, track your time, provide you key information to help you see measurable results and help you reach your health & fitness goals.

KEY:Take detailed notes when you can!

Here is a great tool for you!

1 rep max calculator:

Good rule to follow:
1 rep max*0.50-0.60= metcon weight.

Recommend reading! Stat!
Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power

article by Jon Gilson can be found here.

You could struggle like a rocket trying to take off on regular unleaded, or you could actually get stronger. You’re the kid who saw one phenom go from high school straight to the Major Leagues, and figured “What the hell? If that skinny punk can do it, so can I.” Attention, achievement, some sl…

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