Next Challenge: 30 day Paleo Challenge starts this Sunday, March 4th at 4pm.

30 day Paleo Challenge starts this Sunday

The Paleo Challenge kick off starts this Sunday, March 4th at 4pm. The Paleo Challenge will be measured to a conditioning benchmark workout, ‘Fran’. 21-15-9 (thrusters and pullups).

The 30 day Paleo challenge official starts this Sunday, March 4th and ends April 8th. We will celebrate on April 8th after we re-test Fran with a Paleo potluck. Bring your favorite dish.

We encourage you all to give 30 days of Paleo a try. We have seen great results on how people feel and perform on paleo.

We do this challenge 1 time a year. After 30 days, we recommend maintaining an 80% – 85% paleo way of eating.

Why do we do the Paleo Challenge? To introduce it to new members and also as a reminder to the veterans. This challenge keeps us aware of how our body feels and how we perform with and without certain foods.

Basic info:
1. Clean paleo for 30 days (no grains, dairy, legumes or sugar).
2. Test your conditioning before and after paleo with Fran, to measure performance.
3. We need all body measurements, pictures and body comp tests by March 8th.
4. Desired but not required: post meal photo’s on CFSWP food blog.

* 2 – winners: 1 with best time improvement and 1 with best body comp improvement.

The buy in to this challenge is $25.00, the two winners will split prize money.


More details to follow this Sunday at 4pm,
Accepting sign ups now!

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