Birthday Bash WOD: Happy Birthday athletes and trainer Ann!

Happy Birthday BASH WOD!

Feb 26th,2012

(warm up, skill, mobility = see board)

AMRAP7 Burpee (Open 12.1) or 7 min RopeClimb practice and scaling
Rest 10 min


** Look at rope scaling
A. In teams of two, with one partner working at a time
For Time
10 15′ RopeAscents
10 Ground2OverHead (145/115)
8 15′ RopeAscents
8 Ground2OverHead (165/125)
6 15′ RopeAscents
6 Ground2OverHead (185/135)
4 15′ RopeAscents
4 Ground2OverHead (205/145)
2 15′ RopeAscents
2 Ground2OverHead (225/155)
Rest 10 min


Death By 10m (Happy BirthDay athletes and coach Ann!)
1 Sprint the 1st minute,
2 Sprints the 2nd minute,
3 the 3rd…
until you can’t complete the distance for the given minute.
Record number of minutes completed.

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