Congratulations to two athletes that are on track of their fitness goals! What are your three month goals?

CrossFit SW Portland
Congratulations is in order to two athletes that are on track of their fitness goals!

Mike I: He got his first dead hang pull up on Feb. 13th! WOO HOO AND Kevin B: He obtained his first muscle up on Feb. 13th! NICELY DONE! Great work guys! Keep up with the consistency…it is paying off.
We want all of our athletes to experience great results. A lot of you are but do you have clearly defined goals? If not let us help you.

Here is what else CrossFit SW Portland will do for each athlete:
Plan and evaluate your fitness goals. This is a 3 month plan. It can work, let us show you how.

Things to think about:
What are you doing to improve your fitness; In and outside the box?
Are you going to fast or to heavy and letting your form go in a MetCon? Are you paying attention to your form? Where are your knees? Your elbows? How is your overall performance? Are you warming up talking to a friend or is your overall focus on your form/performance?
How do you move from point a to point b in your fitness goals and how do you push past the basics. The core of this is what you put into it and above all AND we can not say this enough… is to get your form right.

Here is what we want you to do, meet with your coach. Set a 20 min. meeting this month or next to start on your new 3 month goals. (Yes, this service is included with your membership).

Discussion with coach.
What are your goals: Can you define a few areas that you want to improve on? What goals have you already reached.
What is important to you now? Example: Perfecting form, increase work capacity, handstand push up, work on progressions in one area or another;example: pull up or muscle up, body weight for overhead squat. You get the idea.
Bring your WOD book, numbers will be looked at to help set goals.

Example of a current athlete’s goals and he is on track of meeting these goals:
1. Conditioning – improve Helen time (a benchmark workout) and RX Helen.
2. Flexibility: air squat with hip crease below knee and point of performance met, working on in his spare time… paleo chair for 10 min.
3. Strength: dead hang pull up then three dead hang pull ups
4. Body comp: Getting to 10% body fat. Some thought in athletes head: Do I eat this donut or fried food? Or what % of time do I allow for a cheat. If I do cheat…will it seriously take me to my fitness goals? This is where 80% of your body composition will come from. This is where YOU decide if you want to be fit with higher body fat or fit with less body fat. Eating is a HUGE part of your overall body composition!

Summer is coming. How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? How serious are you? Make an appt. to meet with your coach. Set goals, be consistent, log your results and we will see how you have done in three months. Contact Shannon to set your appointment and be ready to set your 3 month goals. We believe if you have the passion and desire, then nothing can stop you. YOU CAN DO IT! We believe you can. CFSWP will guide you there!

Stay tuned for March’s challenge…one more step to get YOU to YOUR fitness goals!

Questions? Or to set a time with your coach, email

CrossFit SW Portland:
Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
Tony Robbins

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