December 14, 2011

CrossFit SW Portland
‎-> Birthday WOD Alert!

Coach Steve’s birthday WOD in the box tomorrow!

Warm up + skill + Mob = see board

Surprise WOD = See board!

Come get some CF at 8:15,9:15, 4pm and 6pm on Wednesday!
NOON- RSVP for Getting Started or personal training!

———->Happy Birthday Coach Steve <—————-


Back to OPT training: Function WOD or Being WOD!


A. clean grip dead lift @ 3211; 4-6 x 4; rest 3 min
B. Single Arm DB Press @ 21X1; 5-8/arm x 3; rest 60 sec b/t arms
C. KB russian swing – 21 easy; rest 1 min x 3
D. AMRAP Double Unders in 30 sec; rest 30 sec x 5

A. power clean x 1/split jerk x 1; rest 3 min – 90% x 3
B. jerk off blocks – work to a tough single; rest shorter on front end sets, as needed over last sets
C. close grip bench press – 3 x 3 @ 80%; rest 2 min
D. toes to bar – 12 x 3; rest 30 sec

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