December 05, 2011

CrossFit SW Portland
December 05, 2011

Monday is day (35) of our 100 day burpee challenge! Do 35!

Remember to find the time for your fitness goals this holiday season. We know what a busy schedule is like and that there will always be work, kids, laundry, shopping, etc. Set aside CF time for YOU each week and stick to it. You deserve it! If you can’t get to CFSWP box, go for a quick run or email us for suggestions you can do from home, work or your travels. Also, do your burpees! You will be happy you did!

Here is to your fitness goals, your health and keeping a healthy blood pressure during this holiday season. YOU deserve to stay healthy!

CF takes dedication and commitment. You will not RX every work out and yes sometimes you will need to slow the intensity level down and make sure you have proper form or work on your mobility but you will get to your fitness goals…we are here to help you. Stay committed and we will take you there.

See you all in the CFSWP box this week! If you are out of town, let us know and we can send you some traveling workouts.

Keep us posted on your progress & your results. You all rock in our books and we are happy YOU decided to take this journey with us!

Cheers! CFSWP

Monday’s WOD:

CrossFit SW Portland
December 05, 2011

Warm up + Skill + Mob Wod = See board

WOD A) or WOD B)

A) Function
6 sets:
3 tough Standing Press
rest 20 sec
50 Double Unders AFAP
30 sit ups AFAP
rest 3 min
(add press weight per set)

B) Being
In 5 min:
AMRAP Ground to Overhead
choose from 60-100 kg for males
choose from 30-60 kg for females
(score is reps x wt moved)

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