Holiday hours and new location update

CrossFit SW Portland
November 22nd, 2011

Holiday Schedule and update:

There will be no 8:15am or 4:00pm CF class on Wednesday.
See you at 9:15am for reg CF and team turkey WOD at 6:00pm –
RSVP: email with your time slots for tomorrow!

Brief update:
Getting closer! We plan to be in our new box mid-December. Stay tuned.
Thank you for being a CFSWP athlete! You guys are amazing and we thank you for this fantastic experience and journey!


Keep up with those burpees! Yes you can! It is the holidays and we can all use this extra conditioning. Break them up if you have to! Just get them done! You all rock! Scale them if needed! ; )

Our journey here:

Part 1) CF community

This has been a fantastic journey for us personally as well as professionally. Starting in our garage with just Steve training 10 people then 20 and then 30 – 35, seems to cap off at 35 because of space. Now we are in year (2) and we have 4 coaches and 35 athletes. Most are dedicated…all are amazing! This has been a fabulous experience! The people we have met during this process have been incredible and the community is like an extended family. Caring for each other and for each others goals. I don’t think anyone comes and just thinks about them-self. Someone is always staying to cheer others on or helping in one way or another, as well as cleaning up after them-selves. From time to time athletes bring us coffee, books and flowers. The Holler’s even bought us a new coffee maker – brew-master. The transformations we have all seen has been incredible; (especially from those that are consistence and are mindful of nutrition intake; Paleo or zone make a big difference and prove helpful!). Our boys have even benefited from the CF community as well. When my husband first introduced me to CrossFit, I was not so excited. Weights? Pull ups? Push Ups? WTH? I cycled…for years, centuries,events and did Cycle Oregon and before that did Marathons before my hip went out on me. Now in my mid-late 30’s why would I want to do these things? Would it hurt me? I decided to give it a try…after over 1 year of CrossFit I am in LOVE. I can see why he did this and why he loved it and why he wanted to train others. I can now do pull ups, strict and kipping. I RX’d Fran, Helen, Fight Gone Bad and Several other benchmark workouts. I followed main site programming for the first year and just started OPT training now. I am no longer afraid of the idea of lifting weights or doing push ups or bulking up.I have more lean muscles then ever before. I am thrilled my husband decided to follow his dream to do this. He has an awesome body, a great brain and heart! He is willing to take others to their goals and beyond. I am happy my children get to learn about CrossFit and about this community. Having a son with High Functioning Autism (as amazing as he is) has presented it’s challenges over the years but in this amazing CrossFit community we all have challenges and strengths and weaknesses, we are a family and we learn and grow together. He is thriving in this loving environment. It is so incredible that it still gives me goosebumps to this day to be apart of this for me and my family. Constant and never ending improvement is our families motto. I love our family, I love CrossFit and I love this community! Thank you for following us on this journey. It is a work in progress but we are dedicated and so is the community behind CrossFit SW Portland. Stay tuned to our move, our launch in our new location!

Part 2) Location

After a year of searching…it is time to take CFSWP to that next step. It’s been a long journey searching for ‘just the right space’. With safe running, high ceilings: effective for wall balls, rope climbs and more butwe also need a large enough space that we wouldn’t need to do heats or have to worry about that in 1,2 or 3 yrs from now. Several buildings said no to us because of noise concerns. We finally found a place that is large enough, is decent distance from other affiliates and is in a dense area of population and is in SW. The neg. on the lease has taken several months and now with attorneys looking over the lease we are down to the closing and signing of the lease. We looked at over 50 properties. We were so close on three of them over the summer. One was off Macadam (by our sons new school) but couldn’t agree on terms. Then we received an email from another affiliate it said that he was moving from Seattle to Oregon and he was moving into that area, heard we were looking there but he found a building and was moving there in September. Although we were slightly disappointed that we didn’t secure that building in July/August,we kept our heads up high and hoped the best for this affiliate and still do. ; )

We then continued our search…now in a new area but we still wanted to be in SW! Our athletes are in SW and we would like to stay in SW but with elbow room from others offering CF. We have now found a great location that is in SW and 13 minutes from the current box / our garage. We plan to be moved in mid-December. Will keep you posted. Check back in. We hope you even come visit us in or new box or visit us on our Facebook page to see how we are doing. ; )


Shannon Weiland
Coach Steve’s wife / athlete / and manager

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