Next challenge starts NOW! 100 day burpee challenge!

CrossFit SW Portland
November 1, 2011

CrossFit SW Portland
Next Challenge starts NOW! Nov. 1st!

A great addition to your reg workouts PlUS that extra conditioning/fat burning workout you need during the holiday season.
Challenge: 100 day burpee challenge. Starts now!

Who is up for the next Challenge?
Email if you would like to sign up for this challenge.

On day 100 we will meet up in the box and do 100 burpees together! Fastest time wins, one male and female prize and heck yeah… you can do this!

see burpees demo at clip link!

Tips from coach Troy!

Here’s a good fitness challenge if you’re just starting a new exercise regimen–100 burpees in 100 days. It’s pretty simple–do (1) burpee on day one, (2) on day two etc until you reach 100 in 100 days. Break them up throughout the day, or do them all at once. You WILL be fitter by the end and maybe a little better at doing burpees. This is an addition to your regular WOD’s.

3…2…1.. GO!

Start NOW!

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