Friday, October 21st

CrossFit SW Portland
Getting Started with Crossfit
Let me ask you a question–would you not start a ballet class because you didn’t know how to dance? Would you not start a diet because you were overweight? Would you not learn a new language because you only speak English? THEN YOU DON’T NEED TO GET IN SHAPE BEFORE STARTING CROSSFIT! You don’t need to be in shape, coordinated, flexible, etc. to start your new life (yes, I said “new life”) as a Crossfitter. You, your grandmother, and your nephew are all perfect candidates to start Crossfit classes today.

You’ve heard about Crossfit and maybe how amazing the results are, or you may know someone who’s in great shape who works out at a Crossfit gym (“box”…more on vocabulary later), and you want the same results, but you’re intimidated by what you see on youtube and the stories that your friend tells you. That is perfectly understandable, but don’t let it stop you from starting.

The odd gym with the atypical gym equipment, the workouts with names (Tabata squats? Fran? The filthy 50? WTF?), the exercises you’ve never done before, the new vocabulary, the social scene in place, and your feelings about your current fitness can be difficult to get past. But you MUST DO IT. You’ve come this far–you’re learning more and exploring the idea…take the next step and don’t put it off until you’re “in shape enough to start.” Our job is to GET you into shape safely and quickly. There’s nothing more you have to do to prepare other than walk in and give it a go.

Try it for a month and see if it isn’t the best thing you’ve done for yourself in the past decade. It’s not like buying a membership card at 24Hour Fitness. (Really, you buy the card and not a membership. They don’t want you to show up, they want you to buy the card and never show your face again. That’s their business model.) Your chance of meeting your fitness goals there without personal training are almost zero.

You see, in order to get in shape at a big gym, you have to know what you’re doing. It’s all left on you to structure your workouts to meet your goals. How long should it take you to lose those 30 pounds? What workouts should you do? How many times a week? Which exercises and for how long? What are the techniques that will allow you to do the progressively heavier weights safely? Do you know them? Can you spot them on yourself as you’re working out and correct them? Can you push yourself hard and keep yourself accountable? How do you start exercising without killing yourself? Do you know good techniques for recovering well? Are you going to use the exercise methodology your gym teacher taught you 20 years ago? Is that a good idea? Do you know how to construct your diet–how much of what to eat and when? What about water? Should you drink 8 glasses a day? Are eggs bad? What about stretching? Warming up? How much is too much? Should you be pushing yourself harder? You get the picture. All this information is up to you to know and implement at the Big Gym. At Crossfit, you show up, follow the prescribed plan and you WILL get in great shape safely.

Your ass will shrink, your strength will soar, your confidence will go through the roof, you’ll start picking fights in seedy bars, your wife, husband, brother, boss, kids, classmates and all your friends will marvel at your transformation. It will be glorious.

It’s time to pull yourself together and hit the gym. You. Will. Love. It.

Can I get a “hell yeah?”

CrossFit SW Portland
Coach Troy!

Workout of the Day

Five sets of:

Front Squat x 2-4 reps @ 30X1
Rest 20 seconds
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 3 minutes;

and then,

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in five minutes of:
15 Goblet Squats
30 Flutter Kicks
(every other leg kick equals 1 rep)

From CF invictus!

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