Saturday is rest day! See you this Sunday 7/10 at 2pm, 3pm Intro & 4pm

Keep to your fitness goals.
*80% of our body comp is made up of what we eat.
*Keep your cheats to one (if you must two things) 1x a week.

Remember you can still work out even if you can’t make it in the box.
Some easy to do work outs can be a combo of the below.

jumping squats (3 x 50)
jump rope (example: 3 sets of 100)
push ups
burpees (example: 100 for time)
bear crawls
run up and down stairs
sit ups (100 for time)
3 x 200 meter sprint

5 rounds for time
30 sit ups
30 squats
30 push ups

3 rounds for time
25 lunges
25 pushups
15 squats

Make your own combo..add a run or something else and you have yourself a great work out!
See you in the box soon! keep us posted! let’s stick to your goals…YES…YOU CAN!

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