Sat. June 11th is Rest day… Do you something fun!

See you Sunday for a few great work out options; ‘Small’ or ‘Helen’! Followed by a great Paleo Potluck!
2pm class…4pm class. 3:00pm is ‘Intro to Get Fit w/ CrossFit’ class!
Looking for results? Then get in here!

In this pic, Sam and Sean were at the beginning of their Taekwondo experience, now after 2 years+, Sean is a brown belt and Sam is going for his black belt Sat June 11th. First pic is of Sam and Sean in their first championship when they were only training for about 2 – 3 months.

It make me think of our YOU.. CFSWP athletes and all of the goals you have completed. Keep making those goals. IE: pull ups, muscle ups, ring dips, lower body fat, lower blood pressure, loose weight and be more fit.

Sam and Sean didn’t give up and we are NOW going to celebrate Sean obtaining his brown belt and Samuel going for his black belt. He didn’t let his sensory challenges get in his way. Nope! He continued the glorious battle and we are proud. Did I also tell you that they are CrossFit kids? Just think where they will be in two more years from today.

Where will you be? Don’t give up. Work on thoses goals. keep your-self healthy and fit. Do your CrossFit or some other whole body fitness conditioning program OR like us and our boys BOTH! ; )

our start of Taekwondo 2 yrs ago

In this pic..Sam goes and completes his two + year mission and goes for his black belt..sensory integration and all! He did it and what ever your goals are you WILL too!

GO CFSWP atheltes..GO! We are PROUD of you!

& Go Sam Go..Black Belt testing and ceremony held June 11th.

Sam now!

What’s your goal?

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