Update to the Paleo Challenge measured to Helen Winner’s to the30 day Challenge ending May 1st!

So far the Paleo measured to Helen winners are: Ann, Victoria for best time improvements. Vic and Steve were closest to expert. ; ) So far in the Paleo measurements contest; Lisa Cook & Steph are the winners there. If anyone else has measurements to submit or would like us to take them tonight at 6pm at open gym, let us know. Otherwise prizes will be given to these three. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! top two: family Photo’s with Mary Holandez Bernsen, roller and 30 min message goes to Lisa Cook! Thanks again Mary for a great shoot.

Winners of the Paleo and Helen Challenge:

Ann: (best Helen Time)& Stephanie (inches lost winner to Paleo)receive Photo’s with Mary
Vic: (Helen time closest to expert) Roller and CF window car sticker (easy to peel off)
(inches lost winner to Paleo) Lisa Cook wins a 30 min massage with Sarah W. and lacrosse ball for massage.





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