Sat rest day Sunday April 3nd..Start of Challenge measured to Helen!

April 3rd – May 1st Paleo Challenge (opportunity) measured to Helen!
Please update your workbooks, it now has benchmark collection data in it. Helen is a bench mark work out.

Measurements have been taken and logged, please take your pics NOW and date them and put them in your work books.
Eating Paleo info can be found in the Paleo Diet book by Robb Wolf or here
Measuring performance against Helen and weight loss / strength gain to the 30 day nutrition Paleo diet.

Paleo Challenge measured to Helen benchmark work out.
EAT PALEO FOR 30 DAYS. We are all here to support you. Post your meals pics on our FB blog, encourage your fellow athletes on our facebook page by email or by phone. We are all in this together. We can do this for 30 days and see RESULTS that we have been waiting for.

. 30 days : April 3rd – May 1st

. Helen Benchmark (improve your time)

. 2 Grand Prize Winners
– most inches lost or strength gained.
– best time improvement

Grand Prize Winners and runner up prizes are included below:
1 month Free membership
CFSWP t-shirt
CF socks
Speed rope
Athlete only..Photo shoot with Mary

. Paleo Potluck May 1st after the work out. First heat starting at 3:30pm.
Bring your favorite dish. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate with us!


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