Saturday & Sunday

Saturday rest day

Sunday: 7 rounds of Wall Balls or thrusters + pull ups10x


Lee: 8:50 15lbs blue band
Kelly:9:35 5lbs blue band
JoJo: 9:52 15lb assisted pull ups
Jacob:7:56 B band
Ryan:7:52 B band
James:7:57 T band
Steph: 8:06 31lbs T band
Vic: 9:44 35lbs P band Kip
Robert: 8:07 20 pound wall ball, P band
SLW: 11:36 35lb Thruster, P band
Lisa: 18:11 16lbs Tband with twist

100 sit ups for time:

Vic: 3:44
SLW: 3:45
Brian: 4:47
Lisa: 5:05

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