Skill Level

What level am I at? Where should I go from here? What goals should I shoot for next?

Depends on your goals? Want a faster Fran time? To be more lean? Or a double body back squat. Everyone has different goals and we want to help you conquer them. Check in with your  coach and choose an area out side of the everyday workout to go work on.

We are here for you! Several members have homework they do in and out of the gym. You can too.

Find out here…what you need to work on next. Identify an area that is not as strong as others? Talk to your coach and then GO after it NOW!



Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events:

Memorial Day WOD- MURPH
Open for the 9:00am class only

May 30th Starlight Wod potluck/BBQ 5:00pm

June 5th- BarBell Club Friday’s in June 6:30pm. RSVP! Serious Gains in the 6 week program

June 6th- CFSWP Girls Night Out! 6:00pm Thai Peacock – downtown Portland 219 SW 9th Ave

Portland, Oregon

June 7th Clean Eating Challenge kick off
2:30pm measurements / pictures 3:00pm Test with a baseline workout!


May 25th 9am WOD only

Hero WOD

Monday May, 25th.

9:00am w/Coach Steve



For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Annual StarLight WOD! Join us May 30th 5pm.

Save The Date!

Annual Starlight WOD

* Saturday, May 30th (no Sat. am classes- join us in the evening).
* Starlight WOD starts at 5:00pm.
* Bring long socks.
* This event is free for members.

* Check in on our Facebook page the night of the event and you will automatically be entered into the raffle to win a free CFSWP t-shirt! Winner will be announced at the end of the event.

* Bring a friend and they can demo a scaled version of the workout.

Clean eating potluck/ BBQ and toast to follow.

*Bring your favorite clean eating side dish or meat to grill up.


Clean Eating Challenge: Kick off is June 7th

Nutrition plays a H-U-G-E role in your fitness, folks. What you eat today can strengthen or weaken the gains made at the box tomorrow. You are in total control of this entire process! Modern diets are not compatible with our digestive system. What ‘diets’ might I speak of? You know…fast-food eating, refined & processed carbohydrates in the forms of boxed, canned and bagged foods that line the aisles of the grocery stores. Foods that contain flour, wheat, grain and jelly-jam packed with ingredients that NO ONE can pronounce!

Our CFSWP clean eating plan will focus on quality, whole foods over preservative laden, processed foods. Furthermore, it targets foods that cooperate with your genetics because there are such foods like grains, legumes and dairy, that might very well be at odds with your health.

The health benefits of the clean eating diet: AKA paleo diet are endless. The protein and seafoods will help support muscle growth and optimal immune function. Healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and grass-fed meat have been shown to reduce obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease due to monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that reduce the likelihood of developing cancer and diabetes.

Other benefits include stable blood sugars, burn off stored fat, improved sleep, reduced allergies, and more efficient workouts. Eating these quality whole-foods are full of these vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants…so much in fact that you will never have to supplement and buy fake foods to compensate.  Whole foods are nutrient dense and the synergy is bar-none, as they are found in their most natural state and form; rather than factory made by humans in some laboratory. Besides, supplements are wicked expensive!

Basically the Clean Eating / Paleo diet is based on the food that our ancestors consumed before modern agriculture started. Starting a healthy Paleo lifestyle is easy to follow and sustain when kept simple.

Want more???

…sign up now to be entered into our Clean Eating Challenge: Kick off June 7th.

Pictures/measurements/ we will email you detailed instructions. Clean Eating is different fro our strict challenge, so if you want in. You must sign up of the details all.

Clean Eating Challenge is  $25.00

2 WINNERS will win some fun prizes. 1 most improved and the other best overall results!

Other Great Sources:

Email to RSVP your spot.
2 winners will win prizes,
Before/After pictures/ measurements/ test to a benchmark workout and retest in 30days

Clean Clean Clean Eating Machine- Get ready for summer!

Summer is coming and we want you to be ready for it.

After so many people emailing and requesting another Clean Eating Challenge…
It’s finally happening!!

The Challenge will kick off May 31st

if you are ready to get in and get lean for summer!

We will email you the details next week.

Don’t wish for summer to end …wish for it will happen this year and feel great and get swimsuit ready!


May BoxTalk




Coaches Corner: 

A message from coach Troy! 

“I hate snatches.” Usually, someone says that because they’re bad at snatches. That’s pretty much true for everything–people rarely hate what they’re good at and snatches, let’s be honest…are hard.

If you suck at snatches, it’s probably one of two things–mobility, or technique. Crossfit makes you strong enough to deal with snatch weights, so chances are good it’s your ability to get into position or bad form that’s holding you back from lifting more weight or finishing workouts with clean and jerks or snatches faster.

Since you probably sit all day at work, you’re gradually and insidiously losing the mobility required to move properly (among other evils of long-term sitting which is a topic for another day) to do the Olympic lifts.

Tight/shortening chest muscles and hamstrings, tight shoulders, tight calves…are gradually sneaking up on you. Also, lifting the bar with your arms, not using your legs and hips to move the weight and not racking the bar properly are other efficiency-sapping culprits.

The cure, of course, is Oly class on Sunday. I invite you all to come and start to master some of the most athletically demanding movements weightlifting and Crossfit have to offer. You need speed, strength, explosive power, timing, balance, a strong core, mobility, and the ability to hear instruction and implement change in order to lift properly.

This takes time and a lot of practice, so I’ll expect to see you next Sunday. And, while you’re at it, stick around for the 3:00pm team workout afterwards!

Coach Troy!

Message from Coach Shannon:

Hi CFSWP members,

Thank you for your continued support in helping us keep track of our growing community by checking into your classes online. Link Here

This not only helps you plan your workouts, it also helps us know that you are coming and helps us plan for the class size. Right now, we only have about 10% of you checking in online, CFSWP needs your support.

Check in Winner for April is Sara S! Sara we have a CFSWP t-shirt just for you. Thanks for checking in!

Speaking of T-Shirts


The new T-shirts are in! If you didn’t preorder and want one, be sure to tell your Coach you want to buy one.  $25.00ea

If you did pre-order a shirt, ask your Coach to get yours for you.

Abs Of Steel Challenge!This challenge is coming! Just like our push up challenge, but for 4 weeks. We will test on the first Monday in May. Don’t miss this.


It’s coming…

Get ready for summer June 7th

Clean Eating Challenge Begins.



Squeeze that Chicken!


Did you hit a new PR? Squeeze the PR chicken everytime you hit a new Personal Record. You gotta!

Everyone else: when you hear PR chicken…stop and cheer your fellow CFSWP member on! We celebrate all success here!

Mother’s Day WOD- Bring a friend to workout. We’ll have a toast after following the WOD.  Will it be an E-MOM?

Small Classes vs. Large Classes

If you prefer a smaller class we recommend you come in at 4:30 or 6:30pm on Tue and Thur. MWF are usually bigger classes. 4:30 pm are usually smaller. 6:30pm can fluctuate. Please check in so we know who is coming!

Wendler continues for 1 more month, get ready to hit more personal records. Everyone did great work last month! Keep going strong!

CFSWP Community Night Out

11121790_789965034433421_7877512650780564716_n 10407033_787617441334847_2301623259214995163_n

The PSU Lu’au is Saturday, May 9th at 5:30pm. Save the date and come see Coach Darren and Coach Mike perform live. This is our third year going and each year it gets better and better!


Congrats Brandon for getting his first bar MU, Jill and Sam for obtaining their first jumping MU. Great job! See Shannon or Steve if you have 5 pull ups, 5 dips and want to start on MU progressions.



Did you know we offer fitness programs for kids? We focus on body weight movements, functional movements, and light exposure to skill appropriate weights, this introduction to fitness will keep kids active, and help prepare them for current or future sports.

Wednesday and Friday



1:00PM -1:50PM

CFSWP believes that starting fitness at a young age is key to carrying on fitness an adult.

Get the kids off the iPad, and out having fun!  A 10 pack is $99.  Talk to Coach Shannon for more details!

Congrats to these KidFitters!

Sean W. for getting his first and several ring MUs, Stassi for obtaining her first bar MU!

BarBell Club Update


Q&A with a fall graduate, Sam Wiley from the last Barbell club.

Sam, what was your experience with  Barbell Club at CFSWP? I really enjoyed honing my technical skills for Olympic lifts. The lifts are broken down into smaller pieces so you really get a grasp of the whole movement.

Did you gain more skill? Overall confidence with the basic and technical barbell movements?

I thought it was very helpful. My favorite lift is the snatch, which is very technical. It was great to break it down and really learn and study it. I’ve continued the practice when I come in to keep up on it and just recently reached my goal of lifting a 100lb snatch.

Did you complete the 6 week series? 


What was your take away from Barbell Club?
If you want to really learn the Olympic lifts and get new PR’s, you need the technical skills to do that. This is your class.
How long ago was it?


Do you feel that you advanced your barbell skills in this class?

Yes, its good to have a small group setting with a seasoned coach to really get that practice time in to advance your skills.  Now I can go to Olympic Lifting on Sundays with greater confidence.

Anything else you would like to share?
Just do it.

Who would benefit form this class?
I think anyone that wants to take the time to study the skills needed to lift correctly and more efficiently should take this class.

Are you still wondering the difference between the squat clean, the power clean and hang clean? What a snatch grip is? The BarBell Club is 1/2 full, be sure to RSVP and save your slot before it’s gone.


This month we celebrate all of our awesome moms and have a special bring a friend to mothers day workout planned. So, get in here and join us for a fun event.

Meet Maria, this kick butt mom, is in the spotlight with this months Athlete Awareness!

If you work out at the 9:00am class you will know Maria Stange. She is committed, she enjoys CrossFit 3x a week, Every MWF like clockwork. She will most likely be there unless she has a sick kiddo or is volunteering. 

Maria, When did you start doing CrossFit? What motivated you to start CrossFit? How did you hear about CF? 

I started about 3 1/2 years ago because Steve and Shannon, started a gym AND because my husband (Troy) started doing it. We can’t have only one fit person walking around the house.

Favorite WOD/lift?

I love Tabatas! I like all the non-oly lifts (benchpress, deadlift and squats), because they’re not very technical and they feel good.

Least Favorite WOD/lift? 

Anything involving running or Oly lifts.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military, interests, etc.)

Happily married for 24 years! 2 babies (12 and 9). Worked as an RN specializing in eye surgery before becoming a stay-at-home mom. I like all the regular things- cooking, martinis, reading, watching my kids grow, CrossFitting!

What were you doing before CrossFit? 

I was kickboxing for a couple of years. I really liked it and saw results, but plateaued quickly. Not the case with CF.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout? Two things: “Everyone here is insane” and “I am not in the shape I thought I was in”.

What were your goals when joining CrossFit?  Have you achieved any of those goals?  Current goals?

My goals were to be able to keep up and to find a balance between getting results and not getting stupid sore. Yes, I have achieved them and now my goals are to continue to improve my strength and endurance, with a focus on core strength.

What class do you attend: CrossFit Burn MWF at 9:00am with coach Shannon. Love this class.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the Gym? Absolutely. I feel stronger and in better shape than ever, which translates into a happier overall outlook. It’s made doing regular every day movements, like reaching for a heavy pan way in the back of the cabinet, an easy and graceful event. I also feel empowered over any kind of mental or physical challenge, coming from all of the ridiculous WOD’s I have completed and lived through.

What advice would you give someone just starting CF today/ a newbie just joining CrossFit SW Portland?

Do not be intimidated. Know that all WOD’s will be customized for you, everyone has limitations and everyone was a beginner at one point. Enjoy the process and don’t quit!

Baseline/PR challenge pushup Challenge winner!

Congrats all. Almost everyone that started and retested hit a new personal record. Great work, record your number and be ready to retest next fall. The names listed are of those that did the challenge before and after.

We have a prize for Brandon (CFSWP t-shirt), Megan C (CFSWP t-shirt) and Cam (Beast Mode socks). Brandon and Megan, we will notify you when are new shirts come in- congrats.

Members corner: We want to hear form you:


Send us a reply or write it on the PR  board!

Pushup challengers and Baseline updates: Winners announced!

Pushup challengers and Baseline updates: Winners announced!

girls PicMonkey Collage

Congrats all. Almost everyone that started and retested hit a new personal record. Great work, record your number and be ready to retest next fall. The names listed are of those that did the challenge before and after.

We have a prize for Brandon (CFSWP t-shirt), Megan C (CFSWP t-shirt) and Cam (Beast Mode socks). Brandon and Megan, we will notify you when are new shirts come in- congrats. 

Next Challenge: *Abs Of Steel- testing begins first Monday in May! Same way we did the pushup challenge, 2 prize winners announced in June.
Pu Bl Overall
1 brandon 1 + 4 = 5
1 cam 4 + 1 = 5
3 duncan 5 + 2 = 7
4 nick 1 + 9 = 10
5 trevor 6 + 5 = 11
6 megan c 1 + 11 = 12
6 cassie 10 + 2 = 12
8 S 7 + 6 = 13
9 dave s 9 + 7 = 16
10 maria s 10 + 8 = 18
11 tom 12 + 9 = 21
12 kyle 8 + 15 = 23
13 brian k 12 + 13 = 25
14 jill c 14 + 12 = 26
15 andrew 15 + 14 = 29
16 chris m 16 + 16 = 32

1 megan c 36 – 20 = 16
1 nick 55 – 39 = 16
1 brandon 55 – 39 = 16
4 cam 46 – 31 = 15
5 duncan 44 – 31 = 13
6 trevor 53 – 42 = 11
7 S 37 – 27 = 10
8 kyle 37 – 28 = 9
9 dave s 41 – 33 = 8
10 maria s 26 – 19 = 7
10 cassie 14 – 7 = 7
12 brian k 48 – 42 = 6
12 tom 36 – 30 = 6
14 jill c 30 – 25 = 5
15 andrew 30 – 26 = 4
16 chris m ?? – 20 = 0

1 cam 6:01 – 5:08 = :53
2 cassie 9:51 – 9:07 = :44
2 duncan 5:30 – 4:46 = :44
4 brandon 4:42 – 4:01 = :41
5 trevor 5:24 – 4:45 = :39
6 S 5:12 – 4:48 = :24
7 dave s 4:47 – 4:26 = :21
8 maria s 6:55 – 6:36 = :19
9 nick 5:02 – 4:51 = :11
9 tom 5:51 – 5:40 = :11
11 megan c 6:10 – 6:03 = :07
12 jill c 7:14 – 7:09 = :05
13 brian k 4:10 – 4:21 = +:11
14 andrew 6:10 – 6:42 = +:32
15 kyle 7:41 – 8:43 = +:58
16 chris m 6:35 – 8:43 = +1:52

BarBell Club: Beginner & Intermediates advance your barbell skills!

                 Are you Ready to fine tweak your Barbell Skills?

Are you ready to take an hour just to focus on technique and feel more confident with the Clean, Jerk and snatch?

Are you still wondering what the difference is between the squat clean, the power clean and hang clean? What a snatch grip is? Or a snatch balance?

Then Barbell Club is right for you.

Sign up now for our next Basic Barbell Club and review and practice basic barbell movements that will advance you to the next level. Put it off no more, advance your skills and perfect the movements in our next barbell Club in June.

First Friday in June, 6:30pm, 6 weeks, 1x a week. $150

It’s Time. Take your fitness to the next level and advance your skills.

Enroll now

Call 503-810-4722 or